Restaurants in Athens

For a taste of the neoclassical architecture indigenous to Greece, visit Daphne’s. Inside, the earth-toned dining room is decorated with terracotta accents and Pompeii-style frescoes. The exterior of the restaurant is also reminiscent of a Greek temple. The partially covered garden patio contains a rustic stone wall, a vine-covered wooden canopy, and the remains of an ancient marble building. Daphne’s serves up such classic Greek specialties as fried prawns and toasted almonds, as well as a rabbit stew finished with a sweet wine sauce. Athens restaurants don’t get much better than Daphne’s.The name of the restaurant Filistron is borrowed from Orphic Hymns, which mean, “one who loves inspiration”. The person who dines at Filistron can actually feel inspired as they eat in the roof garden that offers the best illuminated view of the Acropolis and Mount Lycabettus. Restaurants in Athens are inspiring.Jimmy & The Fish welcomes the politicos and yacht owners as they step onto the dock with fresh and innovative seafood dishes such as sea urchin salad and octopus finished with sweet wine. For a dockside view and original sea inspired fare, be sure to visit Jimmy & The Fish. This is one of the best restaurants in Athens for seafood.

Set in the foothills of Mount Lycabettus, this casual eatery serves fresh seafood dishes from local celebrity chef Argiro Barbarigou. Inside, the restaurant is simply decorated with dark hardwood floors, large windows facing the tree-lined street, and white tablecloths topped with fresh flowers.

For decades the hottest (and haute-est) Athenian restaurants were those serving foreign cuisine, from foie gras to sushi. When it opened in late 2005, Alatsi started a rediscovery of regional Greek cuisine among even the snootiest Athenians.