Restaurants in Aruba

Lounging, off-roading and gambling works up an appetite. Just as the local language papiamento reflects a mix of influences, so do the the best restaurants in Aruba, which include some representatives from familiar global chains as well as a good variety of local independents and European, Asian and South American cuisine. For authentic Aruban cuisine, try Gasparito, an Aruba restaurant known for family-style dishes. Try the inside the keshi yena, a meat-filled cheese wonder, and shrimp marinated in brandy and coconut milk. One vegetarian platter is the menu’s sleeper: plantains in a Creole sauce. Bingo is a popular Dutch-run café in Palm Beach that does great hamburgers, steak and seafood, as well as fried Camembert and poffertjes, a pancake-like dessert.

The Old Fisherman is a local favorite in Oranjestad is always packed thanks to the light, fluffy omelets for breakfast and the fresh seafood and excellent salads. Madade Janette is a low-slung, historic Aruban house in the Eagle Beach area has outdoor seating, a tamarind tree and European-influenced dishes such as the delicious potato-crusted red snapper and shrimp casserole.

A low-slung, historic Aruban house with outdoor seating and a tamarind tree with delciious potato-crusted red snapper and shrimp casserole.

A seafood restaurant where you can sit on a dock while mullet swim in circles below.

Hungry diners come to Smokey Joe’s for the open air dining and what are frequently called the best ribs in the Caribbean. Sticky baby-back ribs come four ways: original, Jamaican jerk, Joe’s dry rub and smokey’s signature.