Restaurants in Argentina

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A new project from Martín Rebaudino, Oviedo's culinary maestro for 18 years, Roux's market-to-table concept ensures flavors are fresh while the look is... Read More

On a 19,500-acre ranch and vineyard about 15 minutes from Cachi, Sala de Payogasta serves updated regional dishes (fried goat cheese breaded in quinoa;... Read More

More an ice-cream parlor than a restaurant, but if you can’t bend the rules for ice-cream, what can you bend the rules for? Founded in 1938, Scannapieco... Read More

Cocina criolla—northern Argentinean flavor—rules at this no-frills, dirt-cheap cult favorite across from the Parque Las Heras. The carne... Read More

This cocktail haunt places you on the 13th floor of the Hotel Pulitzer, up close and personal with the downtown skyline (mostly putty-colored towers... Read More

Although opened in 2001, Social La Lechuza oozes the atmosphere of the best old-school neighborhood parrillas (steak joints). Opened by Pedro Marafuschi... Read More

Owned by chef Federico Simoes, this Palermo Soho restaurant serves Mediterranean-Argentinean cuisine in a small, understated dining room. The often... Read More

If one dish exemplifies New Argentine Cuisine’s approach to tradition, it’s Soledad Nardelli’s souffle de dulce de leche: the sweet brown gloop that... Read More

Summer nights in Buenos Aires have a sultry, narcotic quality even before you start knocking back the beers. If you can’t make it to the beach in... Read More

An esplanade over the Río de la Plata makes this Italian restaurant one of the city's top dining experiences. Mushroom risotto and creamy gnocchi... Read More

This sleek, warehouse like trendsetter, now an outpost for socialites, media types, and business tycoons, has helped launch a Belgrano restaurant revol... Read More

Germán Martitegui is one of Argentina’s leading chefs and restaurateurs, and this award-winning joint is his flagship. Designed by Horacio Gallo, the... Read More

With their self styled Porteña gourmet, sisters Ada and Ebe Concaro's have been expanding the definition of Argentinean cuisine since opening in... Read More

This hip new bar in Palermo Viejo is one of several dotted around town with a quasi-speakeasy vibe. Get past the “café” (it’s best to reserve ahead,... Read More

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