Restaurants in Argentina

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By sourcing products from small producers around Argentina, Fernando Rivarola, the chef-owner of El Baqueano (the name translates to “the gatherer”),... Read More

Grab a single slice of gooey pie at El Cuartito's standing-room-only bar or go bring a group to tackle an entire pie—this old-school brick-oven pizzeria... Read More

The lights are bright and fluorescent, the walls plastered with sports and movie poster, but the ovens here have been baking up thick, delicious pizzas... Read More

With its nod to Poe’s spine-tingler, fine ash and oak cabinets lined with jars of exotic spices and wizened 105-year-old shopkeep (that last is a lie,... Read More

A classic, consistent, tried and true parrilla that ranks among the city’s best. The simple, straightforward menu that lacks the flash and fluff... Read More

El Obrero, which translates to the worker, is a porteño classic thanks to its abundant steak and Spanish and Italian dishes, friendly service, and... Read More

Owner Luis Acuna founded El Pobre Luis back in 1986, and the unassuming Núñez parrilla has become one of the city’s most legendary.... Read More

The simple but elusive art of good meat cooked just right lost a champion last August, upon the death of Luis Acuña, owner and grill-master of this... Read More

Literary icon Jorge Luis Borges grew up on the same block as this pink-hued bar and store, which was one of his haunts. El Preferido is an old-school... Read More

In a neighborhood that seems to reinvent itself at least once a week, this century-old Italian-style building houses a 60-year-old general store-turned... Read More

Tucked away in Recoleta, this rustic nook with red leatherette booths is home to the town’s best empanadas. Flash-baked to order, the pastries... Read More

Picture a restaurant that is chic and intimate. Now picture the exact opposite, and you have El Trapiche in mind. Not that the big groups of friends,... Read More

In otherwise trendy Palermo Hollywood, this brightly lit parrilla is a no-frills affair. But the perfectly prepared bife de lomo (beef tenderloin) and... Read More

Dine on entrecôte and sip Malbec while dancers perform moves such as boleos and gaunchos at Esquina Carlos Gardel, the city's top dinner club... Read More

Ditching the shabby-chic, what-we-found-in-granny’s-attic look all too common in BA cafés for a light-drenched, minimalist aesthetic, Farinelli is a gem... Read More

At El Baqueano in San Telmo, Rivarola has created a menu that includes lots of things you don’t expect to find anywhere—carpaccio of llama, caiman... Read More

The interiors here are taberna-meets-brasserie, and while the Porteño grilled-beef classics are exemplary, well-heeled Recoleta regulars come for... Read More

The oak-fueled ovens at Filo churn out wispy, chewy marvels in a nineties-kitsch space steps from Calle Florida. Long-haired diners nibble on elegant... Read More

French restaurants in Buenos Aires tend to get it wrong, being either too fusty or too Left Bank pastiche. Intimate and sophisticated without trying too... Read More

Chef-owner María Luisa D’Aloiso has made this cupcake-sized venue a destination patisserie for sweet-toothed porteños. Sticky chocolate cakes,... Read More

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