Restaurants in Argentina

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When a chill wind blows into Buenos Aires from the Patagonian south, I find myself missing fish and chips, the greasy Saturday night fix of my British... Read More

Choripán, the humble sausage sandwich, is an Argentinean staple, but Chori is the first to come up with a gourmet version. Not only are the chorizos in... Read More

Set on the 12th floor of a building that also houses the Danish embassy, this unpretentious restaurant serves smørrebrød, frikadeller, pickled herring... Read More

Since the restaurant’s revamp in 2009, politicos have returned for the modern takes on classic Porteño fare—mushroom-stuffed squid... Read More

Founded in 1852 by the liberal wing of the Argentine political elite, this European-style club was a hotbed of progressive ideas up until the mid 20th... Read More

Located in the center of the Palermo Soho shopping district, this casually chic restaurant serves French-Mediterranean fusion fare along with... Read More

A stunning work of industrial design, San Telmo’s covered market has been enticing shoppers to its stalls laden with fruit, veg, meat, and knickknacks... Read More

If you only visit this stylish “homey-industrial” spot in Villa Crespo to try the lemonade, which tastes like it’s been cut with homemade ginger beer,... Read More

Who knows why, but sending some raw oysters down the hatch with a squeeze of lemon and a splash of Tabasco is about the most fun a couple can have in a... Read More

Located in the Recoleta neighborhood, Cumaná serves both Argentine dishes and non-traditional fare like wood-fired pizzas. Lanterns and shelves... Read More

This popular Barrio Norte joint serves empanadas and other traditional dishes in a chaotic, verging on claustrophobic, space. (To be fair, the pack-’em... Read More

New Argentine Cuisine is hard to define, but you’ll know it when you see it. At Dante Liporace’s Tarquino, you’ll see a lot of it. One dish I’ll never... Read More

One of the joys of dining in Buenos Aires is that virtually any restaurant with a grill can crank out the best beef you’ve ever tasted. This no... Read More

You can get, and then regret, a hot dog at almost any kiosko in Buenos Aires – just look out for signs saying pancho or superpancho. Garden-variety... Read More

There’s no menu—you just sit down and they bring you food, like ensalada de pulpo. If you see something going by that you like, you just ask... Read More

In a neighborhood better known for nouvelle cuisine treatments of Argentine food, Pablo Rivero and his parents built Don Julio into a mainstay by... Read More

There are all kinds of ways to screw up a steakhouse, and Don Julio’s owner Pablo has discovered none of them. Chewy morcilla (blood sausage), spicy... Read More

“We don’t sell beer, wine, speed”—this almost certainly means a local brand of energy drink— “or sodas…” declares the Twitter homepage of this groovy... Read More

Pasta is everywhere in this city. You can walk into a random place, order fusilli tossed in filetto and expect to get exactly that. But for top-shelf... Read More

This bustling lunchtime favorite among Porteños, who have been crowding the two level space since it first opened in another location in the... Read More

How do Argentines love dulce de leche? Let us count the ways. There’s Torta Rogel, a multilayered bomb armed with meringue and puff pastry. There’s... Read More

Compare Malbecs from Argentina’s different regions around this tall ... Read More

Every Buenos Aires bucket list should include a wine and cheese tasting session at the Park Hyatt-Palacio Duhau hotel. In the snug and stylish Vinoteca,... Read More

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