Restaurants in Argentina

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High-end adaptations of local cuisine. Read More

Thanks to his regular appearances on TV and radio, Aldo Graziani is the closest thing Argentina has to a celebrity sommelier. At his glamorous... Read More

An unmarked doorway in Villa Crespo conceals Almacén Secreto, the private kingdom of chef Abigail Machicado, who prepares dishes from Argentina's... Read More

A smart bistro with a market-to-table approach, this is renowned chef Gonzalo Aramburu's second, more casual dining project. Read More

I once asked Gonzalo Aramburu what he would serve Nelson Mandela for supper and he replied, “Sweetbreads, cooked two ways.” That sounded pretty brave... Read More

In Lunfardo, the old patois of Buenos Aires, “manduque” means “nosh.” But don’t expect to stuff your face at Antonio Soriano’s latest venture, even if... Read More

Located in the Palermo Viejo district, Azema Exotic Bistro serves an innovative fusion of Creole, Caribbean, Vietnamese, and French cuisines. The... Read More

If you like your decor Brooklynite and your cappuccinos topped with a heart- or rabbit- or Hello Kitty-shaped swirl (or whatever; latte art is a... Read More

Of the dozens of fine steak houses that line the picturesque docks of Puerto Madero, Las Lilas is arguably the best (and certainly the most famous:... Read More

This trendy place in Villa Crespo (something of a destination neighborhood for brunch-philes, it seems) has a contemporary look and a classic menu.... Read More

The spare, sleek building, designed by three young Argentine architects, holds this airy, glass-walled café—open at night Thursdays through... Read More

A traditional and emblematic café that's attracted the literati since its 1858 opening, Tortoni still offers visitors a glimpse of the past. Read More

The sommelier-owners pair mineral-rich Chardonnays and dense Argentinean Malbecs with local dishes such as skirt steak with quinoa and portobello... Read More

Popular with the A-list set, Casa Cruz is an upscale Argentinean restaurant known for its clubby atmosphere, lively bar scene, and contemporary cuisine.... Read More

The Scene: In steak-mad B.A., a fish- and veggie-focused supper club is a welcome dining option—even better that it’s in the cozy Chacarita... Read More

Lunch date? Try this bright-white bistro with big windows overlooking Avenida Caseros, whose bow-windowed apartment buildings are among the city’s most... Read More

Connoisseurs of revolving doors will find it hard to walk past this classic lobby bar. Half-orbit your way in, admire the gleaming marble surfaces,... Read More

For authentic, cheap, and cheerful Peruvian fare look to Chan Chan. Abundant fresh ceviche and enormous rice dishes, all made for sharing, have kept... Read More

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