Tips and Articles for Antarctica

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In a world where anxiety-ridden descents are a dime a dozen, there are some pretty creative airplane landing situations. And if you thought... Read More

Reaching Antarctica is a feat unto itself: runway landings have historically been limited to heavy cargo and military research jets, while those... Read More

It's currently summer in Antarctica, which means the temperature is just slightly above freezing, and Henry Worsley is making the most of the weather.... Read More

Antarctica may not boast a thriving art culture or a hot spot music scene—or much of anything resembling normal civilization—but, surprisingly, its food... Read More

If you’re saving up for that bucket-list odyssey to Antarctica, this is surely the way to do it. Over the course of this winter and next, Silversea... Read More

Even if you've seen Antarctica in person, you haven't experienced the icy tundra that Alex Cornell has created. It's the same landscape, but the San... Read More

In what may be the coolest (literally?) extreme-action video since the dawn of the GoPro (so 2002-ish), Stockholm-based filmmaker Kalle Ljung attached... Read More

My greatest fear before going to Antarctica was that I would get seasick. ... Read More

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