Tips and Articles for Antarctica

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T+L launched Operation Vacation to inspire workers to use their days off and get away, offering exclusive travel discounts as incentive. For the latest... Read More

After a soft knock, a white-gloved butler holding a silver tray enters my suite. He sets the breakfast table with dainty china and gleaming silver. He... Read More

Stranger Things star David Harbour is going on a very special vacation, courtesy of Greenpeace.It all started with a tweet: "Hey @Greenpeace,"... Read More

“Oh hey, perhaps you’ve noticed I’m a penguin? Okay. Bye.”A curious penguin in Antarctica decided to check up on operations happening with the... Read More

When we say the Queen of England has it all, we really mean she has it all.Not only does Queen Elizabeth have the quintessential picture-perfect royal... Read More

Considered a specialist in luxury expedition sailings to the Arctic and Antarctica, Ponant cruise line is making significant additions to its fleet,... Read More

Tennis great Andy Murray isn't the only one in the family who is cool under pressure. Murray's brother-in-law Scott Sears, 27, will... Read More

With the Powerball’s jackpot growing to a near record-breaking high, some lottery players might already be thinking of what to do if they win. Anyone... Read More

Now you can see how the cuter half lives.For the first time ever, scientists have retrieved footage from cameras attached to Gentoo penguins that live... Read More

Scientists have discovered what could be the world’s biggest volcanic region in western Antarctica.A recent study conducted by researchers at Edinburgh... Read More

This story originally appeared on The Antarctic Heritage Trust has recovered a 100-year-old fruit cake on Cape Adare in Antarctica, where... Read More

There comes a certain point when everybody starts to itch for a change. Everyday life suddenly feels like a monotonous pattern and a career path feels... Read More

Travel to the ends of the Earth in style.White Desert, a luxury adventure company for Antarctica, is launching a private jet service to the remote... Read More

This story originally appeared on The image is a bit fuzzy, but to scientists it's unmistakable: One of the largest icebergs ever... Read More

It takes a certain type of person to uproot their life and go to Antarctica. It takes an even more specific type of person to do so repeatedly, year in... Read More

This story originally appeared on first summer without an Arctic ice sheet is already on the horizon. The massive... Read More

When explorers discovered the seemingly bloodstained face of the Taylor Glacier in Antarctica in the early 1900s, they thought it was red algae that... Read More

There’s running water in the Antarctic — and there has been for at least decades.Scientists published the results of the first-ever hydrological survey... Read More

A few friendly humpback whales are helping mankind understand what goes on just beneath the ocean’s surface.A team of researchers, supported by the... Read More

The internet may not be where you would think to look for a relaxing moment, but in the case of Kalle Ljung's Vimeo account, it's exactly where you... Read More

Remember that time the internet collectively campaigned to win a boat naming contest with "Boaty McBoatface"?Well, that boat—which everyone still refers... Read More

The World Meteorological Organization announced a new record-high temperature for Antarctica on Wednesday at a staggering 63.5 degrees Fahrenheit,... Read More

In case you didn't know, the underside of icebergs are incredibly beautiful. Not many people see this view of icebergs in person, but photographer... Read More

If you were to personify the very first winter frost as it penetrates past your sweater and sends a chill straight into your bones, it would look a lot... Read More

Leopard Seals in Antarctica How to Spot OneThe safest viewing is from a Zodiac, though a few companies like Oceanwide Expeditions offer diving... Read More

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