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In case you didn't know, the underside of icebergs are incredibly beautiful. Not many people see this view of icebergs in person, but photographer... Read More

If you were to personify the very first winter frost as it penetrates past your sweater and sends a chill straight into your bones, it would look a lot... Read More

Leopard Seals in Antarctica How to Spot OneThe safest viewing is from a Zodiac, though a few companies like Oceanwide Expeditions offer diving... Read More

If shopping for a trip to the seventh continent is giving you sticker shock, you’re not alone.“These are some of the priciest cruises in the world,”... Read More

The world's glacial ice is constantly on the move.Researchers flying above the Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica on November 10 captured an image that... Read More

Florida Get at least 37 percent off Hilton West Palm Beach, which has 400 sleek rooms, alfresco restaurants, and an impressive 20,000... Read More

In a landmark deal reached Friday, 24 countries helped establish the largest marine reserve in the world, located in Antarctica.At 600,000 square miles... Read More

This story originally appeared on large crack in an Antarctic ice shelf has grown by 13 miles in the past six months, threatening to detach... Read More

White Desert’s Whichaway Camp, a boutique hotel with six specialized pods in the Dronning Maud Land region in Antarctica, sits tucked away in a remote... Read More

Expedition cruising, which involves smaller ships and adventurous itineraries, is having a moment. Australis and Quark Expeditions, which specialize in... Read More

Adélie penguins in Antarctica are in danger because of climate change, and their population could drop by 60 percent by the end of the century,... Read More

In a world where anxiety-ridden descents are a dime a dozen, there are some pretty creative airplane landing situations. And if you thought... Read More

Reaching Antarctica is a feat unto itself: runway landings have historically been limited to heavy cargo and military research jets, while those... Read More

It's currently summer in Antarctica, which means the temperature is just slightly above freezing, and Henry Worsley is making the most of the weather.... Read More

Antarctica may not boast a thriving art culture or a hot spot music scene—or much of anything resembling normal civilization—but, surprisingly, its food... Read More

If you’re saving up for that bucket-list odyssey to Antarctica, this is surely the way to do it. Over the course of this winter and next, Silversea... Read More

Even if you've seen Antarctica in person, you haven't experienced the icy tundra that Alex Cornell has created. It's the same landscape, but the San... Read More

In what may be the coolest (literally?) extreme-action video since the dawn of the GoPro (so 2002-ish), Stockholm-based filmmaker Kalle Ljung attached... Read More

My greatest fear before going to Antarctica was that I would get seasick.My greatest fear when I was leaving was that I wouldn’t remember it.I don’t... Read More

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See our Adventures in Antarctica slideshow.It would have been worth noting, when we signed up for the “Nimrod Centennial Expedition” to Antarctica, that... Read More

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