Anse de Saline
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Anse de Saline

Anse de Saline Beach in St. Barts
Courtesy of Comité du Tourisme de Saint-Barthélemy
Free, Popular with locals, Off the beaten path

On the southern side of the island, follow the signs for Saline, and park at the very end of the road. A short hike over a rocky path opens onto a wide, white-sand stretch that’s one-third of a mile long (it’s the second longest beach on St. Bart’s, and absolutely beautiful). Depending on the winds, the water can be rough, but bodysurfers and surfers love the waves. There are no facilities at the beach, so be sure to bring any food, towels, or chairs to the sand. Though nudity is technically illegal on the island, don’t be surprised to see some visitors going clothing-free on the far corners of the beach.

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