Dune Preserve

Dune Preserve

, Rendezvous Bay,

The Scene: Using pieces of shipwrecked racing boats and washed-up driftwood, owner Bankie Banx and his best friend, Bullett, built the Dune Preserve in 1994. Four hurricanes later, the landscape has changed, but the spirit of the bar is still going strong, and it's been the site of live performances by Jimmy Buffett and Kevin Bacon. "It's the only beach bar in the world where you are likely to run into a former president, a former pirate, and a former Wall Street bigwig all in the same day," says the Dune's business manager, Olaide Banx, noting that Bill Clinton has swung by twice.

Signature Drink: Dune Rum Punch, with "top secret" ingredients; $6.

Don't Miss: Arguing with Bankie about global economics and letting Bullett teach you how to build a world-class racing boat.

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