Restaurants in Anguilla

Restaurants in Anguilla are an impressively varied bunch – it’s possible to sample everything from barbecue to local Caribbean fare to Spanish tapas to fresh seafood while vacationing on the island.

Visitors would be amiss to leave without dining at KoalKeel. Considered to be one of the best restaurants in Anguilla, KoalKeel is located in a limestone cottage built in the 18th century. Don’t let the old-school interior fool you, however. The restaurant serves up a playful, modern menu full of dishes such as crayfish ravioli, pigeon pea soup, and a rum truffle tower.

Somewhat surprisingly, there are a number of Anguilla restaurants that specialize in all things barbecue. The standout option in this category is B&D’s Barbeque, a no-frills stand best known for its pork ribs, served to go. There are also (unsurprisingly) a number of Anguilla restaurants that stick to traditional Caribbean fare, including Blanchard’s. Swing by the local establishment and order the Caribbean sampler, which comes with coconut lime mahi mahi, roasted Anguilla lobster and spicy jerk chicken with grilled cinnamon-rum banana.

Formerly named Kemia

New Caribbean restaurant at Temenos Anguilla Resort and Residences.

For West Indian dishes like Creole conch stew with fried plantains or goat curry. Chef Vernon Hughes cooks on the same spot where his mother presided over her stone furnace.

At Tasty's Restaurant, a pastel roadhouse run by Malliouhana-trained Anguillan chef Dale Carty, conch salad and coconut-crusted parrotfish with spicy banana rum sauce are among the standouts.

On weekends, chicken barbecue, complete with Carib lagers and live music near the surf, is the main attraction.

Unfussy roadside barbecue shacks are where you’ll find the most memorable (and affordable) meals. This one's specialty is sliced roasted pork, rubbed in lemon and lime.

Famous for its grilled Anguillan crayfish drizzled with ginger vinaigrette.