Tips and Articles for Algeria

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At least 257 people have been reported dead in a military plane crash in northern Algeria on Wednesday, Algeria’s Defense Ministry said. It is the... Read More

This winter has brought extreme weather to some unexpected places — like snow in the Sahara.Images captured from the Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellite... Read More

It appears the United States isn’t alone in experiencing record-setting cold this January.While it may be chilly along the Eastern Seaboard, the snow... Read More

Two Air Algerie pilots may soon find themselves out of the job after a video surfaced showing them allowing a pint-sized passenger to take control of an... Read More

The Economic Intelligence Unit’s new Worldwide Cost of Living 2017 survey showcases where this year’s cheapest and most expensive destinations can be... Read More

Aïn Séfra, in Algeria, is the “Gateway to the Sahara”—but this week it also looks like a surreal gateway to winter.The town experienced a brief snowfall... Read More

Still looking for a gift for a special someone? Consider booking this great flight deal to North African destinations from cities across the United... Read More

Post offices often get a bad rap these days, but in earlier times, they were vital urban institutions that often inhabited grand buildings. ... Read More

See our slideshow of the World’s Scariest Roads.Wheels spinning, tire tread searching for grip, Lee Klancher steered his motorcycle between two ruts... Read More

Sabratah, LibyaWHAT YOU'RE MISSING: Libya sees tourism as its next growth business. And why not?It has a thousand miles of Mediterranean coastline, as... Read More

IT'S MIDNIGHT, AND I'M DRIVING AROUND PARIS WITH A FEW Americans, several French Algerians, and Mohamed Khelifati, a 35-year-old musician better known... Read More

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