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Alexandria, VA Travel Guide

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  • World's Best Service 2013

    Top 10 Hotels Overall: City ... Read More

  • Great Hotels for Sleeping

    The Spanish chain Quilibra is designed for sleep-deprived guests: indoor and outdoor spaces flow together to induce calm, rooms come with ambient-sound... Read More

  • Where to Go Next | Alexandria, Egypt

    Alexandria, Egypt, had long been renowned for its ancient library and the Pharos, a colossal lighthouse, but when Napoleon arrived in 1798 he found... Read More

  • First Look: The Rebirth of Alexandria's Famous Library

    The holdings of the ancient library in Alexandria, Egypt, were enough to send any bibliophile into orbit — until it went up in flames in 48 b.c. The... Read More

  • The Best of Virginia

    Like most native-born Virginians, I grew up with an ancestral portrait on the wall. The original was said to hang in a museum in Richmond, so ours was a... Read More

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