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Nine destinations that have held the title, from Istanbul to Times Square.

By Adam H. Graham
By Janine Di Giovanni
In the midst of last winter’s revolts across the Middle East and North Africa, I kept getting e-mails and text messages from friends and colleagues in Tripoli, Cairo, Sanaa, and Benghazi. It made me homesick for the days when I spent more than hal...
By Matthew Yeomans
Sabratah, LibyaWHAT YOU'RE MISSING: Libya sees tourism as its next growth business. And why not?It has a thousand miles of Mediterranean coastline, as well as hundreds of Greek, Phoenician, and Roman ruins, of which the second-century B.C. amphith...
By Pankaj Mishra
The American bombing of Afghanistan began on October 7 last year, almost a month after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The capital city of Kabul fell to the U.S.-supported Northern Alliance in mid-November, and by...