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  • LGBT Rights Around the World: What You Should Know

    My recent Why We Travel post discussed the potential risks of traveling to the Sochi Olympics in the wake of Russia's new anti-gay law. But the Duma is... Read More

  • A War Reporter's Most Memorable Hotels

    In the midst of last winter’s revolts across the Middle East and North Africa, I kept getting e-mails and text messages from friends and colleagues in... Read More

  • Danger Zones

    Sabratah, Libya ... Read More

  • Update: Afghanistan

    The American bombing of Afghanistan began on October 7 last year, almost a month after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.... Read More

  • T+L Reports: Kabul Luxe

    A clear sign that Afghanistan's capital is on the road to ... Read More

  • World's Strangest Sports

    It takes nerves of steel to ride India’s Wall of Death. In fact, it takes gumption just to watch cars and motorcycles swirling on the walls of a 30-foot... Read More

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