Tips and Articles for The Adirondacks

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Come fall, when the leaves change colors to the most rich greens, yellows and reds you'll ever see, this small, Adirondack town becomes a serene... Read More

Filed away in the basement of the Saranac Lake Free Library in upstate New York is an old photo of a group posing in front of an exquisite log building.... Read More

It is a cold, raw morning; a dusting of snow and ice crackles underfoot. My fingers are numb. The damp air seeps into my gloves and manages to get... Read More

Just when it seemed like the English countryside couldn’t be more appealing, a trio of properties (all within an hour’s drive of London) is opening to... Read More

Q: Where can I find the best hotel deals online? —Jacob Kipp, Lafayette, Calif. ... Read More

He's a sensible guy, my Dave. If I'd told him, "We are making a mistake of nightmarish proportions. Let's get to the nearest motel," I'm sure he'd have... Read More

The first time I went away to summer camp, I missed my family so much that I ... Read More

Anglophiles with a need for speed can now explore the English countryside behind the wheel of a ... Read More

Summer is on its way out the door, ushering in the brisk, fresh fall weather. To answer the questions of where to go and what to do, we’ve found six... Read More

Two years ago, when I decided to conquer my driving phobia, I didn't stop at earning my New York State license. I moved on to highway lessons, and from... Read More

THEIR REPUTATION ESTABLISHED BY THE POINT, on New York's Upper Saranac Lake, the Garrett family has now opened the Lake Placid Lodge, on the lake's... Read More

See our slideshow of Olympic Venues Open to the Public. ... Read More

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