Abu Dhabi

Hotels in Abu Dhabi

Expect nothing but luxury from Abu Dhabi hotels – this is not a destination for budget travelers, after all! Five star hotels are the norm here, so be prepared to splurge. In return, you’ll enjoy fabulous perks like private beaches, on-site spas and health centers, unbeatable views of the city, and perhaps even a celebrity sighting or two. Travelers looking to take advantage of luxury hotels in Abu Dhabi at a fraction of the cost should consider visiting during the off-season. It includes the summer months and during Ramadan, when some Abu Dhabi hotels will offer steep discounts.

Some of the best hotels in Abu Dhabi include Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi, a favorite among international travelers and politicians that boasts fabulous views of the Corniche and the Arabic Gulf, as well as perks like an on-site spa and sports facility; the Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi, which is located near Open Beach and Marina Mall and offers private beach access; the Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi, which is located near the Abu Dhabi Mall and the Khalifa Center and boasts a luxurious on-site spa and a private beach; and the Millenium Hotel Abu Dhabi, which is located near Capital Garden and the Corniche and offers an on-site health club and spa.

The company known for stocking Thai jungle lodges with fine wines and fitting Maldivian overwater bungalows with Egyptian-cotton sheets has set its sights on the Empty Quarter—an ocean of dunes across the planet’s largest uninter-rupted desert.

This 499-room hotel has brave-new-world bravado and future-is-now daring to spare: two 12-story steel-and-glass towers connected by a bridge, under which fantastically fast cars speed by during Formula One races.

Perhaps the best way to express the grandeur of the newly built, Kempinski-operated Emirates Palace—reportedly the most expensive hotel ever built—is to break it down by numbers.