Restaurants in Toledo

Toledo restaurants are affordable and offer a lot of variety. The best restaurants in Toledo are easy to locate with our Toledo travel guide.

Tony Packo’s was featured in an episode of M.A.S.H., which has put this Toledo restaurant on the map. Interestingly enough, this place is known as a Hungarian restaurant, serving legendary Hungarian hot dogs. This is due to the fact that the founder, Tony Packo, was the son of Hungarian immigrants. If you want to try the world’s only Hungarian hot dog, Tony Packo’s is the place to go. Other restaurants in Toledo don’t compare.

Turn back the clock at Main Street Soda Grill where you can sip on a phosphate or a chocolate malt. The old school soda fountain offers some of the best desserts in town. Make an evening of it by sipping a strawberry milkshakes with two straws then heading out dancing (a sock hop preferably!)

The restaurant features some of the best Hungarian hot dogs in the country, plus a menu flush with chili and peppers (try the relish).