14th Arrondissement (Montparnasse)

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By Anya von Bremzen
On a recent jaunt through five of Europe’s eating capitals, I’d decided I would engage zero deconstructed asparagus or rearranged pot-au-feu. Instead I would set out across the Continent and England with a simpler goal: I wanted an illusion—at lea...

Restaurants in 14th Arrondissement (Montparnasse)

Not far from the Montparnasse Cemetery in the 14th Arrondissement, Au Vin des Rues is hard to miss with its red exterior and awning.

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As much an institution as the better-known La Coupole, Select, and Closerie des Lilas nearby, the cozy Rosebud hasn’t changed noticeably in the 50-odd years since Sartre used to come by for a drink.