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Pet Travel Wednesdays: Brews & Bones


As pet parents, playing is what we do best—fetch in the park, local hikes, beachside runs. But after all that adventure, us humans could use a break—and nothing cures an ache (or the midweek blues) like an ice-cold beer. And if you’re lucky enough to live in the Bay Area, Bay Woof has mapped out the best restaurants, bars, wineries, and more to tipple while still keeping your pup’s tail wagging.

Half Moon Bay Brewing Co., for example, has won for “Best Dog-Friendly Restaurant” two years in a row. While you can sip on house-brewed Mavericks craft beer, your pup can nipple (read: gnaw) on their house-made Mavericks bones—talk about a pairing! Now you and your pals (whether two-or-four-legged) can all kick back over your favorite treats.

Maria PedoneMaria Pedone is a digital editorial intern at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @mariapedestrian.

Photo courtesy of Ellipses Public Relations

Pet Travel Wednesdays: Travel Gear


Think packing’s a pain? It’s hard for people—and even more of a drag for pets (paws weren’t made for closing zippers!). So I sought out three essential pieces to pack, whether you're headed for a walk in the park or a sprint through the airport.

1. The Ruffwear Bivy Cinch bowl closes and collapses for a quick bite and storing uneaten kibbles.

2. Even Fido can get sick, so be well prepared with this Deluxe Pet First Aid Kit.

3. Last but not least, make sure your small dog gets his share of shut-eye in this Sleepypod mobile bed—for a bark-free transition from the car to the hotel suite. And when your friend's done napping, it makes a great carrier for toys, treats, leashes, you name it.

Maria PedoneMaria Pedone is a digital editorial intern at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @mariapedestrian.

Photo courtesy of @tokyoshiba

Pet Travel Wednesdays: Outdoor Play


Sure, your dog may like his paws pampered just as much as the next five-star guest, but it’s only a matter of time (i.e. after gobbling down those gourmet treats) until he’ll need a break in the great outdoors. Luckily, pets staying at the Hotel Santa Fe get the best of both worlds. Pillows, toys, and in-room dinners keep their tails wagging indoors, while a stroll along the nearby Santa Fe Railyard or Santa Fe River Trail will have their four legs prancing outside. Not to mention the 10-acre Railyard Park that’s perfect for fetch.

Maria PedoneMaria Pedone is a digital editorial intern at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @mariapedestrian.

Photo courtesy of Hotel Santa Fe

Pet Travel Wednesdays: Gold-Collar Guests


Souvenirs, whether kitschy or unique, are one of the best parts of travel. But while you may fancy a snow globe, about the only thing Fido would appreciate is a(nother) turndown treat. Four-legged guests who book the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago's extensive pet package—in addition to receiving the necessary beds, bowls, and mats—will trot away with a bone-shaped, gold-finished collar tag engraved, “I Woofed it Up at Palmer House.” What better way to prove that you’ve had a howling good time?

Maria PedoneMaria Pedone is a digital editorial intern at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @mariapedestrian.

Image Courtesy of Palmer House

Pet Travel Wednesdays: Doggie Massages in Maine


The dog days of summer may be coming to a close, but perks in pet travel continue to unfold—and for some luxury hotels, “pet-friendly” is an understatement. Take Maine’s Inn by the Sea, for example. Starting September 2nd to October 31st, this Cape Elizabeth resort is catering to pooches with their INNcredible Pets Package. At last, Fido can catch a break from all that fetch with a 30-minute in-room doggie massage and gourmet meals from the Inn’s pet menu. A nightly turndown service offers seasonal treats right before your pet dozes off on his personalized L.L. Bean dog bed.

Maria PedoneMaria Pedone is a digital editorial intern at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @mariapedestrian.

Photo courtesy of Inn by the Sea

Pet Travel Wednesdays: Midweek Yawn


It may be Wednesday, but don’t lose your bite! The weekend is on its way and there’s plenty to explore when traveling with your trusted companion. Take Camo the Jack Russell Terrier, for example. When he’s not napping, he’s taking on the great outdoors with his pal (and one of our top Instagram followers) Bridget Brunet at California’s Mammoth Mountain.

Have your own pet travel tips or photos? Submit them using the hashtag #TLDogs on Twitter or Instagram. Your pup could be featured next!

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Pet Travel Wednesdays: Road Trips


Look over on the highway to find a dog with his tongue hanging out of the window, ears flopping through the wind, and it’s hard to fight a smile. There’s something classic about a pup braving the open road.

But of course, safety comes first, and all those “Buckle Up” signs apply to Fido as well. For this week’s pet travel tip, we reached out to our Instagram follower Tiffany Tosh (@tiffxtosh). Sure enough, she confirmed that her Chihuahua, Louie (pictured), “is so happy go-lucky with traveling, but I always keep safety first and keep him buckled up in his car seat!”

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Pet Travel Wednesdays: Beach Day


Nothing beats summer days on the beach—playing fetch in the ocean, burying your paws in the sand, and soaking up the sun with your snout in the air. If only someone could tell our humans that a dog’s needs are as plain as rawhide.

For this week’s pet travel tip, T+L reached out to our Instagram follower Christy Anderson (@faithfuladventurer), whose Chocolate Labrador, June, loves to lounge on Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: “My top tip is to treat traveling with your pup like traveling with your kids. Pack plenty of snacks, plan on plenty of pit stops, and don't forget to plan some fun activities with your canine in mind.”

So there you have it—a beach day with your pet is as simple as snack-stop-stroll.

Have your own pet travel tips? Use the hashtag #TLDogs on Twitter or Instagram and your dog could be featured on our blog next!

Maria PedoneMaria Pedone is Travel + Leisure's digital editorial intern. Follow her on Twitter at @mariapedestrian.

Photo Courtesy of Christy Anderson

Pet Travel Wednesdays: 4 Tips from The Points Guy, Brian Kelly


While you may be a seasoned solo-traveler, jet setting with your pet can be a bit harrier. So we turned to Brian Kelly, travel expert and founder of The Points Guy, to ask for his personal tips on flying with Miles (pictured), his adorable French bulldog. You need only to scroll through their Instagram feeds (Brian and Miles each have their own) to be impressed by this dynamic duo.

Here are Brian’s top four tips for flawless pet travel:

It’s not as stressful for you OR your pet as you think: I think my major concern before traveling with my puppy was that it would be too grueling and tiring for him, but he seemed to handle everything in stride. During our time at the airport and on the plane, I'm within his sight at all times, and as long as he can see me or feel my hand on his travel carrier, he's absolutely fine. The same is true in hotel rooms – Miles is just happy to be wherever I am and it didn’t matter that it wasn’t at home. 

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TODAY Show Video: Hotel Stays for Pets

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Going on vacation? Don’t leave Buddy home. It’s just another dog day at these pet-friendly hotels.

Pets-Only Hotels

There are a growing number of amazing hotels just for your pet—no people, please!

Paradise for Paws

There are three locations for this dog and cat resort—two in Chicago and one in Dallas/Ft. Worth—each near airports. Accommodations include large dog suites, as well as a gated community of bungalows for cats (select bungalows have window perches and fish aquariums). Dogs can exercise in the indoor grass area and splash in a bone-shaped pool. For cats, there’s an Adventure Jungle for climbing custom-made cat trees. Dog suites from $49/night; Cat bungalows from $27/night.

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