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Beyond Burritos: San Francisco's Mission District Has It All

"Every time I visit San Francisco I ask out loud 'Why don't I live here?'," traveler-artist-musician-blogger David Byrne recently confessed to the Wall Street Journal.  I could not agree more. And I know exactly where I'd live: The Mission.
Two weeks ago I discovered all the basics that I would need in a four-block radius: a perfect grocery store (with an outpost for homemade ice cream), an ideal neighborhood gastropub, and a surprising boutique featuring young designers.

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Retro-Cool Motel in Dallas

Our photographers are so terrific. They often give us great ideas, because they are inveterate travelers themselves. Recently we sent a new contributor, Peter Frank Edwards, to Dallas to shoot a story for us. His partner, Sandy Lang, accompanied him. Not only did they produce a beautiful shoot, they also gave me a great tip on a cool affordable motel they found:

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10 Reasons To Go To The US Open


As T+L's resident tennis guru, I feel compelled to blog that now is a great time to get US Open tickets. It's a month away!

The only grand-slam tennis tournament to be played at night under the lights, (despite Wimbledon's fancy new roof), New York City's tennis event is filled with lots of amazing distractions during the day in a beautiful venue, but really gets going after dark—just like the city itself. Here, an unscientific list of reasons to get your tickets now, before they sell out:

10. Tickets to both day and evening sessions are affordable, starting at $48
9. Thanks to some new budget hotels, staying in New York is now affordable, too
8. This is world class tennis (look for a Federer-Nadal nail-biter in the final)
7. Daytime tickets are still available for sections 301-304 of Arthur Ashe Stadium. (These coveted seats are in the shade during the whole day session.)
6. One of the many perks for Amex cardholders is a free loan of a nifty hand-held "Vision" TV monitor that streams all the matches in play, with live commentary. It's awesome. (Disclosure: Travel + Leisure is owned by American Express.)
5. Hometown hero John McEnroe is in the house.
4. The
3. U.S.
2. Open
1. Cocktail!


Whitney Lawson is a photo editor at Travel + Leisure.

Photos courtesy of Whitney Lawson.

Reason 1001 to Go to Berlin

I'm into breakfast. Really, really into breakfast. If I had to pick my last meal on earth, it would be eggs and bacon, some steaming hot coffee, and a bloody mary. It's just so satisfying.

So my world was rocked recently on a trip to Berlin. Of course, German breakfasts are known for being terrific, with everything made from milk being extra delicious there. Coffee is taken very seriously in Germany. The bread is famously yummy. Anything pork—fuggedaboutit. And there's a German delicacy called quark—a cross between cream cheese and sour cream—that's usually mixed with fresh herbs and the perfect companion to smoked salmon. Last weekend, all of these stars came together in one delicious constellation.

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Don't Leave Home Without This (Point-and-Shoot) Camera!

Like most photo editors, I'm fond of huge cameras, but when I travel, there's no greater luxury for me than having only a tiny point-and-shoot digital that fits in my pocket.

When I reviewed cameras for the August '07 issue of T+L, I fell in love with a little Kodak EasyShare v570, because it was tiny, took great photos, and it was simple enough that anyone who picked it up would know how to use it--friends, passersby who I asked to take my photo, etc. (I also think Kodak makes the easiest to read instruction manuals of all the camera companies, with Leica being a close second.)

The little v570 now goes with me everywhere. Even though it's extremely simple to use, it has a nifty feature that I'm over the moon about: in-camera panorama mode, which allows you to "stitch" three photos together in the camera. A lot of Kodak's digital cameras have this feature now. Obviously, it excels when you have a whole vista you want to capture. Here's a panorama photo from the San Blas Islands in Panama:


And here's one I took in fall 2007 in the Upper Ninth Ward of New Orleans showing Musicians Village on the right and still-delapidated homes on the left:


And one from the nose-bleed seats at the U.S. Open:


Nifty, right?There's even a Flickr group devoted to pictures made this way:  http://www.flickr.com/groups/camerastitch/.

Photos by T+L Photo Editor Whitney Lawson


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