Why You Should Really Have a Passport Cover
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Why You Should Really Have a Passport Cover

Passport cases

David Alexander Arnold

A scuffed, stuffed passport may be a traveler’s badge of honor—but it can also derail a trip. Border officers (in the U.S. or abroad) can reject a passport for being dog-eared, torn, or otherwise beat-up. If any of your pages are ripped or there is any damage to the data page, get your passport replaced. Ditto if your book has accidentally gone through the wash—it doesn’t do wonders for the electronic chip that’s embedded in the cover.

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A passport cover isn’t just a frivolous accessory; it can prevent problems down the road. We found a few that will turn heads at the border—in a good way.

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1. Cedar Street Dot Passport Holder, $78.

2. Clare V. Leather Passport Case, $115.

3. Byredo Passport Case, $250.

4. Passport Case in Intrecciato Nappa, $340.

5. Valextra Passport Holder 3CC, $490.

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