The Best New Wearable Tech
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The Best New Wearable Tech

Self-heating, sleep-tracking, step-directing gear turns your carry-on into a high-tech hub.

1 Sleep Sound
Wearable Tech
Courtesy of Kokoon

These headphones track sleep patterns, adjust white-noise volume for the best rest, and wake you when you’ll feel most refreshed.

To buy:; $229.

2 Chic Heat
Wearable Tech
Brian Henn

A thin, flexible heater is sewn into this Courrèges coat; press a button for instant toastiness.

To buy:; $2,800.

3 Tagged Bag
Wearable Tech
Courtesy of This is Ground

The minimalist, Italian-leather backpack conceals an optional Wi-Fi hot spot and a Tile device that lets you track its location.

To buy:; from $725.

4 Control Top
Wearable Tech
Courtesy of Levi's

Conductive threads are woven into this Levi’s jacket, created with Google. Swipe and tap the sleeve to send commands to your phone. It’s machine-washable, too.

To buy:; available spring 2017.

5 Burn Notice
Wearable Tech
Courtesy of La Roche-Posay

The My UV Patch skin sensor monitors your sun exposure, notifying you via smartphone app when you’ve had too much.

To buy:; free with Anthelios sunscreen purchase.

6 Alert Accessory
Wearable Tech
Courtesy of WiseWear

WiseWear’s bracelets (designed with jewelry collector Iris Apfel) track activity levels, transmit mobile notifications, and act as emergency beacons.

To buy:; from $295.

7 Shoes That Steer
Wearable Tech
Courtesy of easyJet

The prototype Sneakairs by EasyJet link to Google Maps and direct you left or right with vibrations. The company is working on a shoe insert that does the same thing.

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