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50 T+L Readers Reveal the Trips of Their Dreams

50 T+L Readers Reveal the Trips of Their Dreams

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

That’s what we asked our followers on Twitter and Facebook and the frequent travelers we interviewed on the streets of New York City. Their answers spanned the globe—from the beaches of Brazil to a South African safari to the Canadian Rockies.

Maria Leach posted to Facebook that her dream vacation would be chartering a private sailboat and exploring the Greek islands; A-List agent Mina Agnos can make this happen, with stops at Amorgos, Santorini, Mykonos, and the beaches of Folegandros.

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For Sarah Jenks-Daly, wanderlust was inspired by a classic movie; she tweeted that “ever since seeing Indiana Jones, I’ve wanted to visit the historic sites of Petra.” We researched how she might follow Indy’s footsteps through Jordan’s famous archaeological site, recommending she start early to avoid the heat—and sharing our favorite local tour guide.

Read on for more tips on planning a dream trip, plus the places that are on T+L editors’ bucket lists.

For more help planning the trip of a lifetime, consider enlisting one of T+L’s A-List travel agents.

Edited by Jacqueline Gifford and Brooke Porter Katz. Reported by Richard Alleman, Colin Barraclough, Nikki Ekstein, Peter J. Frank, Frances Hibbard, Sarah Khan, Peter Koch, Ted Loos, Alexandra Marshall, Sarah Miller, Shane Mitchell, Jenna Scatena, Peter Schlesinger, Emma Sloley, Valerie Waterhouse, Gisela Williams, Ingrid K. Williams, and Jane Wooldridge.

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