Introducing this year’s hottest island getaways, as determined by Travel + Leisure readers.

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World's Best Islands 2013

World's Best Islands 2013

You know you’ve escaped civilization when you’re swimming through a coral garden, with only green sea turtles and tropical fish for company. That’s the enticing promise of a trip to Palawan, a chain of white-sand islands in the Philippines.

Palawan is the latest far-flung beach destination to capture the imagination of travelers, specifically, discerning T+L readers who voted it the No. 1 island in the latest World’s Best survey. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the greater the distance traveled, the greater the rewards.

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That said, readers recognized worthy getaways all over the map, from the sultry island of Sicily (No. 8)—where vineyards and ancient ruins vie with beaches for your attention—to the heart-shaped paradise of Moorea, a French Polynesian island known for its blue lagoons and luxurious hideaways.

You can also take your pick from notable islands near America’s East and West coasts: Prince Edward Island, with its seaside cottages and red sand dunes, and Maui, which trumped the other Hawaiian islands, coming in at No. 3 overall.

Whether you prefer a quiet sliver of sand a few time zones from home, or a more accessible and bustling local scene, you’ll find inspiration among these top-rated islands.

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