The world's best hotels are as appealing to you and to me as they are to our favorite celebrities and diplomats.

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The World's 17 Best Hotels for Celebrity Sightings

The World's 17 Best Hotels for Celebrity Sightings

Celebrities are people, too, and they need a good vacation just like the rest of us. 

Hotels with the most celeb appeal seem to attract our favorite stars like moths to a super nova: one deems a property worthy of their presence, and the whole lot of them descends upon that lucky beach town, castle mount, or glistening skyscraper.

Our favorite movie stars and performers flock to properties that can ensure them privacy from paparazzi with private villas and designated butlers that escort them from glossy limo to glossier plunge pool. They seek over-the-top suites with personal screening rooms, far-flung destinations, and world-class dining. Wouldn't you? 

These 17 hotels and resorts have proven they, too, have star power, thanks to a long (sometimes centuries-long) repertoire with the world's most famous names. 

Book a room at any one of these properties for the chance to elbow up alongside your celebrity. Just try not to ogle.

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