For a fresh island perspective and fewer crowds escape to these off-the-grid Caribbean accommodations.

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Secret Caribbean Hotels

Idyllic island retreats can be closer than you think. When Cuban native Sandra Perez was looking for a secluded place to create her art, she fell under the spell of Holbox on Mexico’s Caribbean coast north of Cancún, where beachcombing and barefoot dinners under the stars are part of the daily routine.

Soon after, Perez founded a 17-room beachfront hotel, CasaSandra. “This place is not made for mass tourism,” she declares. “It’s not all about profit like in other larger destinations; it’s more about being creative and welcoming, and inspiring love in our guests.”

That philosophy repeats itself at other secret Caribbean hotels on other lesser-known islands, from tiny specks in the Bahamas to UNESCO-listed hideaways off the coast of South America. Characterized by their off-the-beaten-path locations, cultural and adventure offerings, and a refreshing lack of bling, these destinations offer novel perspectives on the Caribbean.

Whether it’s a cliff-top villa among the wild landscapes of Dominica, the surprise of French auberge-style hospitality in Guadeloupe or Martinique, or the small miracle of a beach entirely to yourself, our hotel picks are likely to turn up a side of the Caribbean you didn’t know existed.

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