From seeing the northern lights to using every single vacation day, Travel + Leisure’s Twitter fans and editors shared their travel resolutions for 2014.

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New Year’s Travel Resolutions

New Year’s Travel Resolutions

With 2014 nearly here, we know what’s coming—a new year, a clean slate, and a list of New Year’s resolutions. And while it’s easy to stray from your most well-intentioned goals, do your best to keep those travel resolutions intact. After all, globe-trotting is a whole lot more fun than, say, dieting.

We asked Travel + Leisure’s Twitter fans and editors to share their travel resolutions for 2014, using the hashtag #TLTips. Our favorites include T+L editor Peter Frank’s plan to slurp up every noodle in sight while traveling in Asia and T+L fan @wanderbliss’s goal to “make more of an effort to meet locals and speak foreign languages.”

Wherever T+L’s fans and editors resolve to go, their travel resolutions range from practical ideas to the most fantastic plans. While the @thestyledancer vows to “plan more, do less, enjoy the moment,” @dnoktaenokta will be “visiting Île Sainte-Marie, Madagascar, to observe humpback whales in their own environment,” and @flytographer plans “to unplug completely for at least a week in Bora Bora.”

When it comes to travel, it’s okay to have lofty goals. Just don’t wait too long to book your getaway. Only then will it become a reality—and a completed resolution. We’ll toast to that.
—Gabrielle Blitz

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