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Holiday Travel 101

<center>Holiday Travel 101</center>


Be Flexible with Travel Dates

Thanks to new online flexible-date capabilities, it's easier than ever to quickly check fares over a range of dates. Look for a feature that says "flexible dates" or "more options" on both the airline websites and the metasearchers like Kayak.com, which lets you customize results (affordability, acceptable airlines, nonstop flights, morning departures only, etc.).

For international trips, check out specialist Vayama.com, which has proved successful at securing good deals even from obscure airlines.

Bundle Air and Hotel

If, after a few Internet searches, you still haven't found anything reasonable, consider booking a package from Expedia.com, LastMinute.com, or other companies that bundle together airfare and lodging for one price. Packages sometimes cost about the same or less than what the airlines are charging for flights alone.

<center>Holiday Travel 101</center>

Courtesy of DFW

Choose Your Flights Wisely

Three ways to help avoid delays: fly first thing in the morning, take nonstop flights, and travel via less crowded airports). If nonstops aren't possible, try to connect through a warm-weather airport, such as (Dallas, Houston, or Phoenix, rather than Chicago or Minneapolis), where weather-related delays are more likely in winter. If you're connecting, it's even more advisable to fly as early as possible in the day, before delays have a chance to build up across the country. Check out Flight Stats to research a route's on-time record, and the Transportation Security Administration's "Wait Times" section if you're wondering how long it takes, on average, to clear airport security.

<center>Holiday Travel 101</center>

Noe Dewitt

Travel Against the Grain

It pays to think about where most people aren't during the holidays. Forget ski resorts and the beach, especially during Christmas to New Year's. Instead, look into business hotels, which are likely empty and have rooms available at well below rack rates. And consider places like New Orleans, where you can find great prices. Bargains are also fairly easy to come by in Las Vegas for much of December. New Year's Eve, of course, is a different story.

<center>Holiday Travel 101</center>

Atlantide Phototravel/Corbis

Play the Numbers Game

If traveling with a group of people, use your numbers as an advantage and negotiate for discounts and/or special perks wherever you're going. Most cruises have systemized discounts for groups—one free cabin with 10 paid rooms, for example. In terms of lodging, chances are you'll pay less and have more space by booking a villa, condo, or house rental rather than hotel rooms for everyone in your party. Contact airlines' groups departments; even if they can't offer you a discount at this stage, they can help you coordinate itineraries for everyone in your party. It's also worth checking out Groople.com, a travel website that specializes in groups.

<center>Holiday Travel 101</center>

Courtesy of Jet Blue Airways

Pack Light and be Organized

Traveling during the holidays is chaotic, and while you can't control the disheveled, stressed-out family fumbling through bags and holding up the airport check-in line, you can do a few simple things to keep yourself in order. Check in for your flight a day ahead and print your boarding pass at home before heading to the airport.

Try to pack light enough to travel only with a carry-on. If you must check bags, keep each under 50 pounds—the limit for most domestic and international flights nowadays—to avoid getting hit with an excess weight charge at the airport. Bring a snack, a book, pillow, portable DVD player, and whatever else you'll want on board the flight. And confirm all your reservations before leaving, because hotels and car rental agencies are often overbooked during the holidays.

<center>Holiday Travel 101</center>


Reserve Parking in Advance

There are services at most airports—both on and off the grounds—that allow you to reserve ahead, assuring that you have a parking spot, often for less money. Airport Parking Reservations, for example, covers more than 50 U.S. gateways. Depending on where you're departing, the airport may have valet parking, and advance reservations are typically required for this service. As you'd expect, it costs more than parking yourself, but it is certainly less of a hassle. The website of your departure airport should tell you what services are available.

<center>Holiday Travel 101</center>

photocay / Alamy

Know the Carry-On Rules

The restrictions regarding carrying liquids and gels onto the plane are still in effect. Just remember 3-1-1, meaning liquids or gels must be in containers of 3 ounces or less, the containers must be placed in 1 clear quart-size zip-top bag, and only 1 bag per person is allowed. See tsa.gov/311.

At holiday time, there are additional concerns for carry-ons. For example, think before buying a present you're going to carry with you. (Toy guns? Probably a bad idea.) A bottle of brandy may make a nice gift, but because it's liquid you won't be able to bring it on board.

<center>Holiday Travel 101</center>

Courtesy of FedEx

Consider Shipping Your Stuff

Companies like The Luggage Club will come to your house and pick up whatever you want shipped, so you don't have the hassle of lugging everything to and from airports or waiting at baggage claim areas. Before using a luggage specialist, however, check with the policies and prices offered by major express services Federal Express, DHL, and UPS. The luggage-shipping outfits often send items via one or another of these services, and it'll probably cost less to cut out the middleman.

<center>Holiday Travel 101</center>

Courtesy of Wyndham Hotels

Join a Rewards Club—Today

If you're renting a car or staying in a hotel that's part of a major travel company, join the loyalty program, even if you think it'll be the only time you'll use the company. Members often get express check-in, saving you precious vacation time. Joining is almost always free, and sometimes results in freebies and perks during your first interaction with the company.

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