T+L’s list of the most innovative travel gadgets, all road-tested and carry-on approved.

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Best Travel Gadgets 2013

Best Travel Gadgets 2013

The new Moto X phone is so smart that you almost never need to push a button. When its sensors detect that you’re driving, the phone automatically reads aloud incoming emails and text messages, and makes it easy to respond with talk-to-type.

It’s one of the latest tech products that are taking intuitive design to the next level—and changing the way travelers experience the world. We also uncovered cameras that upload straight to Facebook and laptops thinner than thumb drives as part of our tests to pick out this year’s honorees in the Travel + Leisure Tech Awards.

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If you’re looking for sound quality—or sound sleep—consider the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC29 headphones. They strip away 87 percent of outside sounds when noise canceling is turned on. Even better, they offer thumping bass and clear dialogue at a bargain price. 

And don’t mistake the iPad Mini for just another entertainment source. The tablet’s pared-down size makes it comfortable to carry as a navigation tool, while 900,000-plus apps mean there’s little that this powerhouse can’t do.

Find out which other travel gadgets are worth adding to your wish list.

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