Courtesy of Lindsey Partridge

Even horses need a place to rest after hoofing it all day.

Andrea Romano
October 12, 2017

Many hotels have policies to include your furry family members, but often establishments only allow dogs and cats — sometimes with strict limitations. Pet policies can include weight and breed restrictions — like no dogs over 25 lbs. — and can include extra fees for bringing your four-legged companion along.

But at the Super 8 in Georgetown, Kentucky, they're a lot more lenient.

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Ontario-native Lindsey Partridge was on her way to Thoroughbred Makeover and National Symposium in Kentucky with her beloved horse, Here Comes Aldri (nicknamed Blizz). Along the way to the horse park, she stopped at the Super 8 in Georgetown.

According to Chronicle of the Horse, Partridge jokingly asked hotel staff, “My horses are here, will they be allowed in?" Obviously, she was not expecting the staff to allow the horses to enter the building.

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However, Partridge merely paid a $10 pet fee and Blizz met the Super 8 front desk staff. Afterward, the horse visited Partridge’s hotel room, where she got to experience some American television.

Courtesy of Lindsey Partridge

She did not actually stay overnight, though. instead staying at the horse park, where she was probably more comfortable. She ended up taking third place in the Competitive Trail category at the Makeover.

According to the Super 8 website, there is no official pet policy for the company, therefore the hotel chain leaves the decision up to the individual property.

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