Seven Gifts for the Desert Explorer
Joanna McClure
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Seven Gifts for the Desert Explorer

Packing for a dry climate is tough. Make it easier for traveler on your list by gifting them items that will help them stay comfortable and still look fabulous.  

1 Jil Sander Leather Tote
Desert Gifts: Jil Sander Leather Tote
Jill Sander

This luscious leather tote ($1,440) makes for the best carry-all travel bag.

2 Irene Neuwirth Gold Cuff
Desert Gifts: Irene Neuwirth Gold Cuff
Irene Neuwirth

Turquoise is one of the most exquisite stones, and has a rich history all over the world. This cuff by Irene Neuwirth ($14,900, call (323) 285-2000 to purchase) is the perfect blend of sophistication and cool.

3 Polaroid Digital Camera
Desert Gifts: Polaroid Digital Camera

Snap and print, or snap and save—you choose! The Polaroid digital camera ($180) captures amazing memories and lets you decide whether to print instantly or store within the device’s memory.

4 Hermès Silk Bandana
Desert Gifts: Hermès Silk Bandana

Hermès scarves ($185) are legendary. Give the rustic person in your life a versatile gift that can be worn in a handful of different ways! 

5 Nalgene Water Bottle
Desert Gifts: Nalgene Water Bottle


In any warm weather destination, hydration is extremely important. Nalgene makes this simple by creating an easy to access durable water bottle ($13) that is meant to go places.

6 Tory Burch Sunglasses
Desert Gifts: Tory Burch Sunglasses
Tory Birch

Sunglasses can often be a seasonal item, but this square, mixed-material pair by Tory Burch ($195) can transition through seasons and climates all year long. 

7 Eugenia Kim Woven Hat
Desert Gifts: Eugenia Kim Woven Hat
Hayley Hogan

This wide-brim woven hat ($375) is the ideal gift for the traveler seeking both style and coverage.

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