18 Gifts for the Adventure Traveler in Your Life
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18 Gifts for the Adventure Traveler in Your Life

Whether on the trail or in the surf, the adventure-seeker you know is always looking for the best tools to explore uncharted territory. Give them what they want this year with our guide to holiday gifts for the outdoor enthusiast.  

1 Top Side Leather Backpack
Adventure Gift Guide: The Top Side Leather Backpack
The Normal Brand

Made from water-resistant waxed canvas and durable leather, The Normal Brand's stylish pack ($199) will keep gear safe and secure whether you're on the trail or in the airport on business.

2 Samsung Galaxy 2 Camera
Adventure Gift Guide: Samsung Galaxy 2

Capture that amazing summit view, then use the Samsung's beam feature to send photos to friends and family with a simple touch ($400).  

3 The Explorers: A Story of Fearless Outcasts, Blundering Geniuses, and Impossible Success
Adventure Gift Guide: The Explorers: A Story of Fearless Outcasts, Blundering Geniuses, and Impossible Success

When your typical beach read simply won't do, gift The Explorers ($14), the story of Richard Frances Burton and John Hanning Speke’s 1856 expedition to find the source of the Nile.

4 The Appalachian Trail Poster
Adventure Gift Guide: The Appalachian Trail Poster
We Are Brainstorm

Give the hiker in your family some inspiration this holiday by way of an illustrated map ($45) featuring the notable landmarks along the Appalachian Trail.

5 SOLKOA Survival Kit for Best Made
Adventure Gift Guide: SOLKOA Survival Kit for Best Made
Best Made Co.

You’ll be shocked how many life saving tools this tiny box holds. From purification tablets to an emergency blanket, your explorer will have the basics on hand if they’re ever in trouble ($170). 

6 Barebones Rechargeable Lantern
Adventure Gift Guide: Barebones Rechargeable Lantern
LL Bean

Your kids will beg to bring this lantern ($80) on their next camp-out. Not only does its light glow for more than 80 hours, but the built-in USB will also keep their phones juiced up throughout the trip. 

7 MSR AutoFlow Gravity Filter
Adventure Gift Guide: MSR AutoFlow Gravity Filter

Give your backpacker clean water this holiday season in the form of a gravity filter ($120). This one from MSR delivers up to 1.72 liters per minute without a single pump. 

8 Etón Rugged Rukus
Adventure Gift Guide: Etón Rugged Rukus

Every explorer needs a sountrack, and The Rugged Rukus ($100) makes it easy to tune-in on the go by eliminating wires with Bluetooth connections and solar panels. 

9 GoPro HERO4 Black Action Camera
Adventure Gift Guide: GoPro HERO4 Black Action Camera
Carter Dow Photography

If there’s a camera on any thrill-seeker’s list this holiday season, it’s in the GoPro family. The durable HERO4 ($500) offers new settings for after dark as well as built-in Wi-Fi allowing them to instantly share that McTwist they just landed. 

10 Hydro-Flask Water Bottle
Adventure Gift Guide: Hydro-Flask Water Bottle

This insulated bottle ($34) keeps water ice cold on the trail and coffee hot on the chairlift. 

11 SMITH Vantage Snow Helmet
Adventure Gift Guide: SMITH Vantage Snow Helmet

Protect that noggin on the mountain with a helmet that fits like a glove. The Vantage ($220) uses AirEvac technology to allow for easy goggle incorporation and an optional audio kit for jamming on the slopes. 

12 The North Face Bastion 4 Tent
Adventure Gift Guide: The North Face Bastion 4 Tent

Known as a “lightweight bomb shelter,” the North Face Bastion 4 ($849) is easy to carry and can endure Mother Nature’s most extreme conditions. 

13 The Stellarscope
Adventure Gift Guide: The Stellarscope
Best Made Co.

Ditch the heavy telescope this holiday for a lightweight Stellarscope from Best Made Company ($38). It’s easy to use and will have the giftee identifying constellations in no time. 

14 Eddie Bauer Downlight StormDown Hooded Jacket
Adventure Gift Guide: Eddie Bauer Downlight® StormDown® Hooded Jacket
Eddie Bauer

Keep your trailblazer warm this season with an insanely light down jacket ($249) from Eddie Bauer. They’ll thank you for the extra weight off their shoulders. 

15 Field Notes Expedition 3Pk
Adventure Gift Guide: Field Notes Expedition 3Pk

Water- and tear-proof paper makes these notebooks ($10) virtually indestructible. Don’t believe us? Check out the brand’s video tests.

16 Roasting Sticks
Adventure Gift Guide: Roasting Sticks

If you’re gathered around the campfire and not roasting something, you’re doing it wrong. Wrap up these roasting sticks ($26) to guarantee s’mores and hot dogs at every cookout. 

17 Exotac FireSLEEVE Waterproof Lighter
Adventure Gift Guide: Exotac FireSLEEVE Waterproof Lighter

Fire is essential out in the wilderness, and Exotac's FireSleeve lighter ($15) brings the disposable variety to a whole new level. It’s waterproof, buoyant, glow in the dark, and ready for any and every adventure.   

18 Alone on the Wall by Alex Honnold
Adventure Gift Guide: Alone on the Wall by Alex Honnold

Perfect for reading fireside, Alex Honnold's Alone on the Wall describes a daring new climb in each chapter ($17). 


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