19 Out-of-this-World Gifts for Kids
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19 Out-of-this-World Gifts for Kids

Prepare your budding explorer for a lifetime of adventures with a gift that’s sure to spark their wanderlust—and keep them occupied en route.

1 Gifts for Kids: The Felters Market Sushi Set
Gifts for Kids: The Felters Market Sushi Set
Mark Louis Weinberg

Think outside the lunchbox and wrap up a playful and plush sushi set ($20) from The Felters Market.

2 Speck iGuy Case
Gifts for Kids: Speck iGuy Case

There’s safety in numbers, so next trip, make sure they bring a friend. Made of lightweight foam, the iGuy iPad Mini case ($30) is a soft, easy-to-hold travel companion that literally stands on its on two feet.

3 J.Crew Max the Monster Backpack
Gifts for Kids: J.Crew Max the Monster Backpack
J. Crew

Travel companions come in all shapes and sizes. Max the Monster ($60) has glow-in-the-dark eyes and looks about as excited as your junior globetrotter will be when unwrapping this surprise.

4 Cloud b On The Go Travel Sound Machine
Gifts for Kids: Cloud b On The Go Travel Sound Machine

Calm on-the-go tots with a cuddly Sleep Sheep ($44) that makes traveling less stressful. The loveable little lamb lulls babies to sleep with four soothing sound options.

5 Kidz Gear Headphones
Gifts for Kids: Kidz Gear Headphones

Keep your audiophile in tune with a pair of headphones from Kidz Gear ($20). They fold flat for easy packing, and are equipped with a maximum volume limit so little ears are safe.

6 Uncle Goose State Blocks
Gifts for Kids: Uncle Goose State Blocks
Uncommon Goods

Our vote for the most fun and educational gift goes to Uncle Goose’s state blocks ($100). The handmade set features details (capital, bird, flower, tree, and motto) for all 50 states that’ll make future civics teachers proud.

7 Fisher Price Classic Changeable Picture Disk Camera
Gifts for Kids: Fisher Price Classic Changeable Picture Disk Camera

Aw, snap. This classic Fisher Price camera  ($20) from 1968 is back and ready to inspire budding photographers with three picture disks featuring classic nursery rhymes.

8 OMY City Pocket Maps
Gifts for Kids: OMY City Pocket Maps

Let mini explores color their way around the world with portable maps from OMY ($10). Just don’t forget to pack the crayons.

9 Road Trip Word Game
Gifts for Kids: Road Trip Word Game

If you’re at all keen on stopping the “are we there yet?” questions coming from the backseat, you might consider letting them unwrap the Road Trip Word Game ($25) before the long holiday drive.

10 Little Passports World Edition Subscription
Gifts for Kids: Little Passports World Edition Subscription
Courtesy of Little Passports

A subscription to Little Passports ($14 per month) is just the ticket to spur your kiddo’s imagination. The monthly kits feature country-specific goods like maps, letters, souvenirs, stickers, photos and games.

11 Icelandic Design D-Sledge Sled
Gifts for Kids: Icelandic Design D-Sledge Sled

This stylish wonder ($205), based on a classic Icelandic sled, will have them dashing downhill before you can say “snow day.”

12 Global Compassion Map
Gifts for Kids: Global Compassion Map

Start off their art collection with a map print ($38) that inspires global compassion and encourages little ones to learn about people and animals around the world.

13 "This Is" Travel Series
Gifts for Kids: "This Is" Travel Series

Czech artist Miroslav Sasek takes curious explorers around the globe with his beautifully illustrated "This Is" series. Make sure to clear some space on the shelf because the set of ten books ($200) is sure to become part of the permanent collection.

14 “Fantastic Cities: A Coloring Book of Amazing Places Real and Imagined”
Gifts for Kids: “Fantastic Cities: A Coloring Book of Amazing Places Real and Imagined”

Steve McDonald’s “Fantastic Cities: A Coloring Book of Amazing Places Real and Imagined” ($15) is hardly child’s play. His coloring book, featuring meticulously drawn cityscapes and mandalas, is best for kids who know how to stay in the lines –– and even better for adults who need to unwind.

15 Speedo Kid’s Snorkel Set
Gifts for Kids: Speedo Kid’s Snorkel Set

Water warriors may have their sites set on swimming with the sharks, but thankfully, a scuba license—and parental veto power—can put that dream to rest for several years. In the meantime, let them experience the life aquatic with a snorkel set ($30) while you paddle nearby.

16 Candylab Toys Woodie and Camper
Gifts for Kids: Candylab Toys Woodie and Camper
Jennifer Liseo

In nostalgic nod to ’60s design, Candylab Toys presents a set of wheels that’ll make even the most screen-obsessed kiddo hit their digital breaks. Woodie ($35), made with real walnut veneer side panels, has a magnet on the roof that keeps a surfboard in place, while a magnetic tow hook allows a camper (not included, but well worth the splurge) to trail behind.

17 Crumpled City Junior Maps
Gifts for Kids: Crumpled City Junior Maps

Crumpled City's Junior Maps ($7) are lightweight, waterproof, and virtually indestructible. Making them ready to be jammed into pockets, dropped into puddles, or neatly tucked under pillows while new adventures are plotted.

18 Jenni Kayne Suitcase Set
Gifts for Kids: Jenni Kayne Suitcase Set
Pottery Barn

Floral accessories are always in season. (Suit)case in point: Jenni Kayne’s blooming set of storage containers ($30) are just the thing for little ladies with wanderlust.

19 Stickyscapes Adventure Book
Gifts for Kids: Stickyscapes Adventure Book

An Arctic quest awaits the lucky recipient of “Stickyscapes Adventure Book” ($15). The cool activity book has foldout pages featuring polar landscapes, over 100 stickers, and fun facts about the North and South Poles.


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