Sorry, but your mom doesn’t want breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day
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Sorry, but your mom doesn’t want breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day

Moms don't want breakfast in bed
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She wants to go out.

Mom deserves something a little extra this year.

According to a survey conducted by Zagat, only 4% of moms actually want breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day. Instead of this go-to morning gift, more moms are opting for brunch out on the town.

“Over half of moms (53%) want to be taken out by family for Mother’s Day celebrations,” according to the company.

Additionally, 39% of moms surveyed said brunch was their preferred meal for Mother’s Day, followed by seafood (24%), then French food (11%), Italian food (7%) and a nice steak (6%).

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“And while you’re there, stick to the brunch classics – 43% of moms favor eggs benedict and 35% of moms favor omelets, while only 19% say they want the trendy avocado toast.”

Zagat polled eight cities, including New York City, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

If you are planning on a fancy brunch, the survey concluded to stay away from bottomless brunches. An overwhelming 65% of moms said they would only drink one to two cocktails.

And if you’re not sure what to order for mom, the answer is pretty simple: “Not surprisingly, the drink most toasted to Mom is a mimosa (23%) with a bloody mary in a close second (22%),” according to Zagat.

After all, breakfast in bed sounds like a good plan, until someone has to do the dishes.

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