Someone invented a black latte for people who hate unicorn drinks
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Someone invented a black latte for people who hate unicorn drinks

Matte Black Latte

Round K via Instagram

Forget tasting the rainbow.

Put down that unicorn drink. Stat.

Finally, someone is crafting a cool, summer latte for the mall goth inside all of us.

Round K Café in New York City is fighting against the sugary and colorful unicorn concoctions that have taken over our social media feeds (and daily lives in general) with its matte black latte.

And in case you are wondering, it is black. Black as midnight. Blacker than your blackest heart. And it’s so lovely.

While some people might not find a perfectly black drink appetizing, the smooth, silky, black latte is actually quite appealing once you consider the ingredients. The latte is made with espresso, coconut ash, dutch processed cacao, and almond milk. It’s not just dark — it’s dairy free.

Using coconut ash to blacken your summer treats isn’t a new trend. Black “goth” ice cream has been around for a few years. Shops like Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream in New York and Little Damage in Los Angeles have been scooping up black ice cream for any black-souled customers who wished to try it.

Fair warning, the coconut ash might make your tongue a little black. We consider it a badge of honor.

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