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Vacationist Hotel Deals: New York, Boston, London + Bali

Vacationist Hotel Deals: New York, Boston, London + Bali

We're inspired to travel the world this weekend, thanks to our Global Bazaar event, happening now in New York City. (Get tickets here!) Want to get away for less? Book your next escape on Vacationist, and you'll stay in some of your favorite hotels and resorts for up to 40% off.


Ace Hotel New York - up to 29% off - New York, New York
This edgy hotel conceived by Seattle-based hipsters celebrates the "downtown" scene in midtown Manhattan.

Landmark London - up to 41% off - London, United Kingdom
White-gloved service, champagne cocktails, and marble, marble everywhere: this elegant, historic hotel in London has all the trappings of Victorian-era luxury.

Viceroy Bali - up to 41% off - Bali, Indonesia
Just outside Ubud you'll find the chic Viceroy Bali, perched high above rice fields and the Petanu River Gorge.


XV Beacon - up to 35% off - Boston, Massachusetts
It's a fancy new take on Old Boston: the lavish, modern property was built around the 1903 building's original cage elevator.

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