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Paris Restaurants Short List

Christian Boyens, general manager of the Ritz Paris—currently undergoing renovations—reveals his short list for where to eat in the City of Light.

First Arr.-Verjus ($$$$): French farm food, great setting. Kinugawa ($$$): Japanese bento boxes for lunch.

Second Arr.-Chez Georges (pictured; 1 Rue du Mail; $$$): well-preserved classic, market-fresh specials. Le Mesturet ($$): real Parisian bistro, good price-to-quality ratio. Le Petit Vendôme ($$): hole-in-the-wall for lunch; get the escalope de veau with mushrooms.

Third Arr.-Derrière ($$$): young, eclectic scene, great patio, table tennis, rotisserie ham. Chez Janou ($$$): French bistro, get the duck and the chocolate mousse; fish soup only so-so.

Fifth Arr.-Sola par Hiroki.Y ($$$$): cute Latin Quarter Japanese-French, 10-course set menu.

Sixth Arr.-Le Comptoir du Relais ($$$): terrific brasserie food, bustling atmosphere; no reservations, so go before or after lunch to avoid queue.

Eighth Arr.-Neva Cuisine (2 Rue du Berne; $$$): food creative and solid; reasonable wine list with small-production Burgundies.

17th Arr.-Chez Gabrielle (7 Rue de l’Étoile; $$$): tiny restaurant, good food; tell Nathalie I sent you.

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