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One-Stop Shopping from W Hotels

Let me introduce you to my new guilty pleasure: the The W Store website—the expertly curated online boutique of the W hotel chain. (There are several brick-and-mortar boutiques as well.) OK, so I haven’t actually bought anything from there yet, but just surfing through the merch makes for a compelling mid-afternoon escape, akin to a leisurely browse through the racks at Barneys—but you don’t even have to leave your desk!

Most of us have heard about the cushy pillow-top mattresses (specially made for W Hotels by Simmons) and the wonderfully crisp sheets that make your bed look so fresh. But what I love about The W Store is that it also showcases products that are completely whimsical, more than a touch impractical, and—dare I say it—just a little bit bling. Case in point:

Yup, it’s a gold-plated fruit bowl cast from a real bunch of bananas ($270). Now, only in my wildest dreams am I fabulous and madcap enough to own such a thing, but the mere fact that it exists, that it’s out there in the world, makes me deeply happy.

However, when I have a child, he/she is going to toddle around in a pair of these:

Metallic baby mocs! (And for $28, practically a steal.) Worthy of Suri Cruise or Barron Trump; made for a summer romp through the gardens of the Villa d’Este.

Moving on to more sensible luxuries… Waffle-weave blankets are something of an obsession of mine, and the W makes particularly good ones ($160–$175). Perfect for that overly air-conditioned beach house in Malibu or the Hamptons.

Marc Newson’s duffel for Samsonite (I’d get it in the orange or gray; $140). Minimal and streamlined, and refreshingly logo-free. If “The Thomas Crown Affair” were being remade today, I’m convinced that Thomas (the Steve McQueen version, please, not Pierce Brosnan) would be toting one of these.

Finally, for the wannabe Euro party girl in me: Michael Kors’ chunky faux-tortoiseshell sport watch ($205).

Glamorous in a good-natured way, showy but not overly obnoxious, it’s the perfect complement to an Eres bikini and a yacht moored off the coast of Sardinia.

Irene Edwards is the special projects editor of Travel + Leisure.

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