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Off the Grid in Malibu

A “no-options” regimen at The Ranch at Live Oak Malibu, a boot camp for building physical strength, endurance and discipline—this was my summer vacation of choice.


- 8-10 hours of hiking, weights, yoga and other exercise daily in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountain range
- massage (of course!)
- a daily intake of 1200-1500 calories (no dairy, no sugar, no carbohydrates, no caffeine, no alcohol)
- living BlackBerry/smartphone-free

The chance to revitalize my mind and body thrilled me, and the coverage I read about The Ranch confirmed that this would be an exciting challenge—and in an exquisite destination. I would relinquish my usual “Type A” control and my 3 p.m. every-other-day M&M ritual!

And so, I joined 13 guests and put the pedal to the metal. Upon arrival, the very capable and physically fit staff encouraged everyone to remove their watch. (Mine went into my safe and stayed there the entire time.) Our accommodations were comfortable. Hair dryers, yes...television, no way!

I followed (and loved) the The Ranch’s Rule #1: Living in the moment... responsibility- and care-free!! When I felt my thoughts drifting (“I should have... I could have”) I remembered the program director Mark’s instruction: “Return and pay attention to the breath.” Easier said than done, but when you’re discovering rare flowers in a sea of brush, it works!

Hiking this Southern California terrain was amazing. On any given hike, I felt I could have been in the South of France or Switzerland. Yes, think Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music!

Chef Kurt’s meals were hearty, satisfying, and among some of the most creative I have ever had especially considering the calorie limitations.

Talented massage therapists, along with lots of yoga and stretching helped nurture my body along the way. It’s amazing what the body and mind can do!

The week felt like the culmination of all the New York City or Boston marathons I have wanted to run—and I made it to the finish line!

While I bought some spearmint rosemary soap as a souvenir, my favorite takeaway of the trip was its imparting wisdom: “Return and pay attention to the breath.” Great advice for life!

Jill Davison is the V.P. of Corportate Communications at American Express Publishing, and occasional blogger for Carry On.

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