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Grateful Dead Archive Opens in Santa Cruz

The world’s most famous peripatetic band has finally set down some roots. Today, the complete Grateful Dead archive opens at the legendarily laid-back UC Santa Cruz. The collection—housed in the newly renovated McHenry Library and free to the public—includes coffee-stained contracts, original lyric manuscripts, fan mail, and Stanley Mouse poster art.

For a more modern Dead project, head about 90 miles up the coast to San Rafael in Marin County, where bassist Phil Lesh has opened Terrapin Crossroads. This multi-use venue features a musical hall and an upscale, locally-sourced restaurant/bar serving up Prather Ranch sliders and Marin Star wheat ale. Don’t expect veggie burritos and tie-dye: the industrial space, accented with exposed piping and stainless steel, is surprisingly sleek.

Corey Sherman is a Connecticut–based freelance writer. You can follow him on Twitter @shermancoreya.

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