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Carry Your Stuff in the Plastic Bags that Navy Divers Trust

Wouldn’t you feel better if you carried your valuables in
the same waterproof storage bags that Navy divers use instead of plastic bags
engineered to transport a soft sandwich? aLOKSAK, may look like a Ziploc bag, but these heavy-duty,
puncture-resistant containers have a heat tolerance of 170 degrees and are
certified dry at 60 meters, even after two weeks underwater. Plus, it’ll keep sand and
saltwater out of your cellphone or Kindle while you use them.

Available in eleven sizes (from 5” x 4” to 32” x 16”) and in
multi-packs from $4.99 at REI and Amazon.com. (Photo courtesy of LOKSAK)

Ann Shields is Online Senior Editor at

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