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Beijing’s New Foodie Destination

dining and entertainment district Sanlitun is fast becoming the city’s
gastronomic destination. A couple of noteworthy additions to the dining scene: Modo, which serves South American and
Scandinavian–inflected fare like smørrebrød with herring and pickled radish and
arepas with avocado and chicken; Colibri,
an airy café with cupcakes galore; and Transit, a sleek Sichuan restaurant.

I’ve been
fascinated by the renaissance of Chinese eateries in the capital and how Beijing has really emerged as the place where you can sample an enormous range of
authentic, regional Chinese cuisines in sophisticated surroundings. It’s been a
remarkable transformation, given that as recently as the late 1990’s it was a
culinary wasteland thanks to the long-lingering effects of the Cultural

Chen is
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