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T+L's Photography Tips
Travel + Leisure photo editor Whitney Lawson evaluates five snapshots from finalists of our monthly photo contest and explains why they work. This shot o... Read More
Editor Dispatch: Live From The Gulf Coast
June 15, 2010: Just back from a family trip to Seaside, Florida, where I was expecting to see beaches marred by the oil spill. On the contrary, the Gulf C... Read More
Yelp Yack: Humorous Illustrations of Real Reviews
This weekend in San Francisco I met an illustrator named Jessica Wassil who has an amazing new project: creating illustrations based on anonymous reviews ... Read More
Cool Photo Gear: Kata Camera Bags
I'm loving the photo bags and organizers from Kata lately. The founders of this company, who met while serving in the Israeli army, started making photo b... Read More
Our Favorite DSLR Camera Right Now
Question that I get asked all the time: I have a digital point-and-shoot camera that I like, but I want to take my photography to the next level. Can you re... Read More
Lebanese Food in D.C.—Get Hip To It!
Washingtonians are treated to one of the best international dining scenes in the world.  Everyone in D.C. knows where to go for the best Ethiopian (Mesker... Read More
Burritos, Dim Sum, Shopping in San Francisco....Airport!
I'm a huge fan of flying United to SFO—the PS flights are my favorite. Another enticement has sweetened the deal: SFO's Terminal 3, the United terminal, has... Read More
Cool T+L Outtakes - Shanghai Edition
Hello, hello!  I'm at a place called Vertigo!  I stumbled on these outtakes the other day from a shoot we did at the Park Hyatt in Shanghai. Gorgeous shot... Read More
Back to the Future: Olympus E-P1
An interesting hybrid between digital point-and-shoots and bigger, bulkier DSLRs, the new Olympus E-P1 ($799) combines a lot of the best of both worlds. (T... Read More
Cutting Room Floor: Venice Scene
It is a familiar heartache to a photo editor that we commission beautiful images, but not all of them make it into the magazine. Luckily, I can blog photo... Read More
Beyond Burritos: San Francisco's Mission District Has It All
"Every time I visit San Francisco I ask out loud 'Why don't I live here?'," traveler-artist-musician-blogger David Byrne recently confessed to the Wall Stre... Read More
Retro-Cool Motel in Dallas
Our photographers are so terrific. They often give us great ideas, because they are inveterate travelers themselves. Recently we sent a new contributor, Pet... Read More
10 Reasons To Go To The US Open
As T+L's resident tennis guru, I feel compelled to blog that now is a great time to get US Open tickets. It's a month away!The only grand-slam tennis to... Read More
Reason 1001 to Go to Berlin
I'm into breakfast. Really, really into breakfast. If I had to pick my last meal on earth, it would be eggs and bacon, some steaming hot coffee, and a blo... Read More
Don't Leave Home Without This (Point-and-Shoot) Camera!
Like most photo editors, I'm fond of huge cameras, but when I travel, there's no greater luxury for me than having only a tiny point-and-shoot digital that ... Read More