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'Cars Land' Starts its Engines at Disney California Adventure Park
USA Today Travel | The centerpiece of Disney California Adventure Park's five-year, $1.1 billion tune-up is off to the races with thumbs-up reviews—but wo... Read More
Mexico Earthquake Another Jolt for Country's Tourism
USA Today Travel  |  Tuesday's strong 7.4 earthquake in the southern Mexico state of Guerrero, about midway between the beach resort of Acapulco and the c... Read More
CEO Speaks Out on Costa Cruises Name Change
USA Today Travel  |  The head of Costa Cruises' parent company says he's confident the brand can make a comeback in the wake of the Costa Concordia accide... Read More
Boeing Promises to Speed Up Construction of New 787 Dreamliners
USA Today Travel  |  Boeing has inspected five 787 Dreamliners for a flaw in the fuselage that the company recently discovered, the new head of the 787 pr... Read More
Cruise Industry Announces Change to Safety Drill Policy
USA Today  |  Every vacationer boarding a cruise ship will receive a safety briefing before the vessel sets sail under a new industry-wide policy announce... Read More
More Airlines Add Wi-Fi, but Fliers Balk at Paying
USA Today |  Travelers are treating in-flight Wi-Fi like a bag of peanuts: They'll take it, if it's free.Airlines are spending millions of dollars to equip ... Read More
Hotel Guests Recruited with Homeland Security TV Spots
USA Today |  The Department of Homeland Security is recruiting hotel guests to join the fight against terrorism. Starting today... Read More
Hotel Staff Taught to Read Guests' Body Language
USA Today |  Forget calling the front desk. If you're a guest at an Affinia hotel, the staff will try to figure out what you need just by looking at you.Sta... Read More
Proposed Airline Ticket Tax Bump Has Tempers Soaring
USA Today |  President Obama is asking passengers to pay a few dollars more in taxes for an airline ticket — which already is about 20% taxes and fees. And ... Read More
Statue of Liberty Closes This Fall for One-Year Revamp
USA Today |  New York City's Lady Liberty is celebrating her 125th birthday on Oct. 28 with a day of music, special tours and programs—followed by a year-lo... Read More
Airlines Roll Back Fare Hike as FAA Taxes are Reinstated
USA Today |  Airlines are rolling back the fare hikes they added following the partial shutdown of the Federal Administration on July 22. The move comes as ... Read More
Should You Pay for Wi-Fi? Airports Explore Tiered Service
USA Today |  For years, one of the top if not the top amenity on many road warriors' wish lists has been free Wi-Fi at the airport. Slowly but surely, it's ... Read More
New Study: What U.S. City is No. 1 for Bed Bug Infestations?
USA Today |  New York, for the second year in a row, according to a study just released by pest-control giant Terminix. Not really a surprise, since NYC is ... Read More
Delta, SkyTeam Announce Deep Capacity Cuts
USA Today |  The busy summer travel season is not even upon us yet and Delta Air Lines and its major SkyTeam partners—Air France, KLM and Alitalia—announced... Read More
Is a 'Euro Vegas' in the Cards?
USA Today |  It will be if Sheldon Adelson, best known as the man behind The Venetian and The Palazzo in Las Vegas, has his way. His Las Vegas Sands cor... Read More
Delta to Add "Economy Comfort" Seats
USA Today |  Delta Air Lines will add a premium economy section to its international flights, charging non-elite fliers between $80 to $160 each way for "... Read More
JFK Airport Eyes Boutique Hotel for Iconic TWA Terminal
USA Today / Wall Street Journal |  The iconic, former TWA airline terminal at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport could be reopened as a luxury... Read More
New Hotel Openings in US Dwindle
USA Today |  Who doesn't love a splashy, new hotel opening?Travelers love to stay in them, the press loves to write about them - and owners love to celebrat... Read More
New Flight Limits Over Grand Canyon
USA Today |  In an attempt to restore natural peace and quiet to the Grand Canyon, the National Park Service has proposed limits on "flight-seeing" and othe... Read More
Airlines and Travel Sites Tussle Over Booking Flights
USA Today |  A fight between a major U.S. airline and some Web-based travel companies is having a ripple effect in the travel industry, as players take side... Read More