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12 Tips to Make International Travel Easier
  Being in a strange place can be invigorating and eye-opening. Some of my favorite travel memories include an early-morning run along the Danube Ri... Read More
Five Ways to Make Flying Easier
Traveling by air can leave even the most seasoned traveler feeling helpless and trapped by the system. Between security lines and flight delays, there are m... Read More
A Business Traveler's Favorite Hotel Amenities
This past summer, my fiancée and I stayed at a bed and breakfast. It was charming and had a great ocean view. But when she hopped out of the shower the fi... Read More
The Challenges of Riding Amtrak
I’m writing this week’s column while riding Amtrak’s flagship train, the Acela Express, between Washington, D.C., and New York. In many ways, I love this ... Read More
Staying in Touch on Business Trips
Staying in touch with your loved ones while on a business trip can be tough. You want to maximize your limited time away, so you get up early, schedule m... Read More
Frequent-Flier Miles Devalued
I’m thinking of getting out of the frequent-flier-mile game. It’s just not worth it anymore. No, I won’t completely abandon it. There’s still plenty of v... Read More
Tips for Entertaining Business Clients
  Any successful business traveler knows the value of meeting in person and how deals often come together over drinks or during the final minutes of... Read More
How to Maximize Your Miles and Points
  Frequent-flier miles and hotel points are perks of life on the road—currencies that are supposed to make it all worthwhile. A string of stays at c... Read More
Business Trip Restaurants: Break the Chain
As any frequent traveler will tell you, there comes a point when all the rental cars, airline seats, hotel rooms, and even cities start to blur together. ... Read More
Global Entry: How to Make the Most of It
If you fly three or four times a year and don’t have Global Entry, you’re crazy. I know that’s a bold statement—and I have no way of actually judging you... Read More
Streamlining Hotel Check-Ins for Business Travelers
After a long day traveling, the last thing any road warrior wants is to wait at a hotel check-in desk. Don’t fret, frequent travelers: hotels have heard ... Read More