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Richard Branson's Virgin Hotels Debut in Chicago
Sir Richard Branson just wants a damn cup of tea. Is that so hard to find? When the 64-year-old tycoon is on the road, the answer, apparently, is yes. “M... Read More
Hotel Commonwealth Unveils Punk-Themed “Rat” Suite
The Rat. Besides having the single best name for a nightclub ever—short for The Rathskeller, which no one ever once called it—the cramped and dingy Kenmor... Read More
Making a Splash: The New Park Hyatt New York
In Manhattan, where light and space are luxuries, the 25th-floor pool at the new Park Hyatt New York seems all the more indulgent. With its three-story wi... Read More
What to do in Johannesburg, South Africa
Don’t think of it as just a stopover; Johannesburg deserves serious exploration of its own. Because downtown is back. For ages, visitors have sought refu... Read More
Zambia: Q&A with Grant Cumings
This month’s T+L includes my feature story on Zambia, which some (like me) are calling Africa’s next great safari destination. One key reason: the lodging... Read More
Everything You Need to Add to Your Safari Packing List
As I prepared for my safari last fall, it wasn’t so much the hippos and crocodiles that worried me; it was the prospect of fitting everything I’d need (clot... Read More
Zambia: Africa’s Next Great Safari Destination
This month's Travel + Leisure includes my feature story about a 10-day safari in Zambia that I experienced last fall. I’ll be posting additional material ... Read More
Editor Obsession: Mangosteen
It was in Phuket, Thailand, that I first encountered a mangosteen, years ago, in an otherwise ordinary hotel fruit basket: a curious object the size of a ... Read More
Tours Gone Wild
Here at T+L we’re increasingly concerned about the sanity and judgment of certain tour operators. Ever in search of novelty, they’ve lately stumbled upon ... Read More
Farm-to-Table, Hawaiian Style
One of the highlights of my recent trip to Hawaii—reporting this month’s feature on the new wave of Hawaiian food—was a visit to MA’O Organic Farms, on Oa... Read More
Hawaii's Artisanal Cocktails
Okay, Friday’s here at last—you deserve a drink. How about two? As promised in the current issue of Travel + Leisure (check out our feature story about t... Read More
Hawaii's Amazing Artisanal Chocolate
This month’s T+L includes an eight-page feature on Hawaii’s new food scene, where we spotlight some of the young chefs, upstart farmers, pop-up restaurate... Read More
Hawaii, You Had Me at Aloha
In the May Travel + Leisure—our annual Food Issue—I take a look at the next wave of Hawaiian cuisine. This January I spent two weeks eating my way around ... Read More
Cinque Terre News: Flood Devastates Vernazza, Italy
The before/after photographs are harrowing: in the first, a postcard-perfect Italian village, with pine-green shutters and lemon and rose façades, lapped ... Read More
The Luxe Life on Koh Samui
As we report in our current issue, high-end resorts are booming on Koh Samui, Thailand’s second-largest island—and three in particular now rank among the ... Read More
Great Eating in San Francisco
As a New Yorker I’m seldom envious of other cities’ food scenes. Climate, basketball teams, affordable housing stock, sure, but not food. And then there’s S... Read More
The Oyster is My World
Do you love oysters? I do. I love them so much I’ve spent the last three years on a madcap international Oyster Quest, traveling to 19 countries on six cont... Read More
U2 in Barcelona
One night after a mind-blowing dinner at El Bulli last week I caught the opening stand of the new U2 tour in Barcelona.. The show was astonishing, the cro... Read More
Foodie Buzz: "The Maine Event"
  BOY, do I want to do this. Five days in August in Camden, Maine, in the company of 20 fellow foodies and four guest chefs, for a sort of locavo... Read More
Traveling to Australia? Keep it short.
Australians are an aggressively casual people. Their insistence on a defiantly relaxed, “no worries” worldview has turned them into chronic abbreviators a... Read More