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Travel Laundry Detergent Solutions For Messy Travelers
Never pay for pricey hotel laundry service again. Instead, take matters into your own hands with these five carry-on ready, on-the-road alternatives. Consid... Read More
How to Rent Camera Lenses Before Your Next Trip
Before you head on your next great adventure, arm yourself with the best possible camera—just don’t pay full price. How? By hitting up The... Read More
Around the World With Zynga’s New Game
If you’ve never played Zynga’s mindlessly addicting games (Farmville, Words With Friends), chances are they’ve cluttered your Facebook feed. Now there’s rea... Read More
Must-Download iPad App: Pixelmator
Have you ever tried to get a photo in Times Square or Grand Central—without the obstructions of fanny-pack-wielding pedestrians? Chances are you have, and t... Read More
How to Avoid the Worst Thanksgiving Traffic
Almost 90% of Americans who are traveling this Thanksgiving are doing so by car, says a new study by AAA. So if you’re among the road tripping set this we... Read More
Exclusive First Look: Thompson Miami Beach
The countdown is finally over: today, the Thompson Miami Beach opens in the heart of SoBe, bringing just the right mix of sophisticated design and up-a... Read More
What It’s Really Like To Use Starwood’s Keyless Entry
Last year, Starwood unveiled plans to swap plastic keycards for Bluetooth technology—enabling guests to unlock their hotel rooms with a simple wave of their... Read More
To Pack or Not To Pack: Blue Bottle and Timbuk2's Coffee Travel Kit
As a die-hard coffee obsessive, I’m always seeking out the best brews in any city I visit. But I do need a starter cup to tide me over in the morning, and w... Read More
Crowne Plaza Adds Smart New Sleep Innovation to Guest Rooms
Big innovation can come from tiny tweaks—at least, that’s what Crowne Plaza has found as they designed their next-generation guest room. Unveiled this ... Read More
Westin Launches Sleep Sensor Lending Program
It’s been a full fifteen years since Westin introduced the Heavenly bed—an icon so popular it’s since been adopted by Delta and sold to consumers worldwide.... Read More
The Sleeper Scarf: Weird Mash-up or Necessary Object?
Seemingly every day, we hear about the new “must-have travel accessory.” Sometimes they’re brilliant—Power solutions! Noise cancelling earbuds!—and some j... Read More
New App Reserve is the Uber for Restaurant Reservations
The founders of Uber have already disrupted the taxi industry worldwide—now they’re taking on the restaurant space with standalone app Reserve. The debut ... Read More
Apple Announces New iPad Air 2
If you were one of the thousands who lined up for a shiny new iPhone 6 last month, get ready to queue up again: Apple is back at it with next-gen iPads th... Read More
Apple Pay Launching Monday
Last month Apple revealed Apple Pay, a mobile payment system that riffs off the same NFC-based technologies first used by Google Wallet. Today, as part of... Read More
Lufthansa Introduces Premium Economy
Lufthansa is the latest airline to introduce premium economy. T+L takes a look at what your money buys, based on sample fares from Chicago to Frankfurt. ... Read More
Skype Launches New Video Messaging App, Qik
Ten-plus years after Skype was first made available for download, the ubiquitous app is gaining a sibling—Qik, Microsoft’s first foray into video messagin... Read More
Shopping for Rare Books in Portland, OR
Portland, OR was recently voted the best city in America for bookstores. The rare-books section at Powell’s—the largest bookshop in the U.S.—is worth the ... Read More
Just In: New GoPro Action Cams
Calling all adventure travelers: GoPro has launched an update to its cultishly beloved action cameras, just in time for the upcoming ski season. The... Read More
Marriott's Wi-Fi Jamming Scandal, And What It Means For Hotel Tech
Earlier this week, Marriott made headlines for blocking the use of Mi-Fi hotspots for conference-goers at its Nashville-based property—to the tune of a $6... Read More
5 Reasons to Visit Providence Now
Providence has a bit of everything: great food, an exciting bar scene, and endless curb appeal. 1. Because the city is a legitimate culinary capital. Q... Read More