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24 Small Towns May Lose Air Service
New York Times |  Rural America, already struggling to recover from the recession and the flight of its young people, is about to take another blow: the los... Read More
Safety Board Says All Children on Flights Should Be in Seats
New York Times |  Airlines should no longer allow children under the age of 2 to fly in the laps of adults, according to a recommendation by the National ... Read More
Annoyances Mount Over the Body Scanner
New York Times |  You may think of this as the summer of the heat wave. I prefer to think of it as the summer of the body scanner. Transportation Securit... Read More
Europe Without Hotels
New York Times |  In the middle of a cool, cloudless Parisian afternoon, light was pouring into my guest room from a turn-of-the-century courtyard in the 10... Read More
Paris Cracks Down on Pied-à-Terre Rentals
New York Times (PARIS) — Many people buy a pied-à-terre in Paris to use for a few weeks a year and to rent the rest of the time. Most of them don’t realize,... Read More
When Two Airlines Tie the Knot
New York Times |  As soon as Continental and United announced their proposed merger, news media outlets began reporting on how the union might affect travel... Read More
Checking Out Early? It'll Cost You
New York Times |  The airlines have been doing it. Expect the hotels to follow suit. Over the last few years, the airlines have been adding and increasing f... Read More
United-Continental Deal: Birth of a Behemoth
New York Times |  United Airlines and Continental Airlines on Monday announced a $3 billion merger that would create the world’s biggest airline.The all-sto... Read More
Is the iPad Fit for Travel?
As part of an early-adaptor household that snagged an iPad the instant it hit shelves this month, I know it’s one thing to play Scrabble while you’re wait... Read More
In-Flight Food Tries to Be Tasty
New York Times |  Those bland sandwiches sold by airlines to economy-class passengers? They’re on the way out.Even as the last major airline—Continental A... Read More
San Francisco Detours Into Reality Tourism
New York Times | Visitors know all too well this pretty city’s sights, what with the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf and the clang-clang-clangy cabl... Read More
U.S. Hotel Chains Expanding into Asia
New York Times |  ASIA is beginning to look a lot more like America—at least when it comes to hotels.Major United States hotel chains are aggressively expan... Read More
British Airways Cabin Crew to Strike After Talks Fail
New York Times / Reuters |  A three-day strike by British Airways cabin crew will go ahead from Saturday after talks with management collapsed, Britain’s ... Read More
American to Charge for Blankets
New York Times |  American Airlines quietly announced last week that it would eliminate free blankets in coach and sell an $8 packet that includes a pillo... Read More
Hundreds of Earthquakes Rattling Yellowstone
New York Times |  DENVER — In the last two weeks, more than 100 mostly tiny earthquakes a day, on average, have rattled a remote area of Yellowstone Nationa... Read More
Dubai's Record-High Tower Ready for the Public
New York Times |  Dubai was set to open the world’s tallest building amid tight security Monday night, celebrating the tower as a bold accomplishment on the... Read More
New Restrictions Quickly Added for Air Passengers
New York Times | In the wake of the terrorism attempt Friday on a Northwest Airlines flight, federal officials on Saturday imposed new restrictions on tra... Read More
U.S. Sets 3-Hour Limit on Tarmac Waits for Plane Passengers
New York Times — Associated Press | The Transportation Department is ordering airlines to let passengers stuck in stranded airplanes exit after three hours.... Read More