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Watanabe Designer Globe Inspires Talk and Travel
In an age where single-dimensional cell phone screens often guide us to our next getaway, the Nendo Watanabe Globe is a pretty reminder that the earth is ... Read More
Louis XIII Cognac: A Taste of France
Cognac is one spirit that grants its drinkers instant gratification. Produced in the Grande Champagne region of Cognac, France, strict distillery guidelin... Read More
One-of-a-Kind Bikes Inspire American Travel
Throughout the coming months, Will Leather Goods, an Oregan-based lifestyle brand, will release seven on-of-a-kind bikes at random times and locations. Ea... Read More
Test Your Africa Smarts With This Speedy Game
Think you know Africa? Guess again. will test your knowledge of all 54 countries nestled in the world’s second-largest continent—a c... Read More
SLS Brickell Hotel in Miami Preps for Swanky 2015 Opening
Miami’s SLS Brickell hotel won’t open its doors until 2015, but elaborate plans from designer Philippe Starck already have us obsessed.  Like Starck’s ex... Read More
Top Facebook Check-Ins During Mardi Gras in New Orleans
// Post by Blake Hotel New Orleans. Fat Tuesday marks the end of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, but we’re still reminiscing about the flaky slices of Kin... Read More
Carnival Celebrations Around the Globe
Carnival—the final soiree before Lent when people fast, avoid indulgences, and refrain from partying—culminates over the next week with vibrant costumes, ... Read More
Kimpton Shows How to Make Your Bed Like a Hotel Pro
If you’ve ever wondered how Kimpton hotels gets their beds to look so darn inviting, the staff at the Hotel Monaco Chicago is here to show you how. While ... Read More
Mumbai Airport Unveils New Terminal 2 to Public
Mumbai's international airport unveiled its new four-level Terminal 2 to the public this week, after much anticipation. The stunning airport section, orig... Read More
Walk Across 11 Countries In This Classic Travel Video
Travel videos add an element beyond still photography to truly transport you to a destination. Here, an oldie but goodie video from STA Travel Australia d... Read More
Beer and Chocolate: Valentine's Day's Delicious New Dream Couple
Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and clinging hard to its cliché menu of red wine and milk chocolates served inside a heart-shaped box. There’s not muc... Read More
Berlin's Gourmet Pet Deli Receives Howling Reviews
Berlin has gone to the dogs (and cats)—or at least its restaurant scene has. Pets Deli, Germany’s first eatery specifically for choosy canines and felines... Read More
Airbnb Offers One Night Discount Deal for First Time Bookers
Beginning today until January 17, first-time Airbnb users will receive up to $300 off one night’s stay at any location across the globe. If you’re like me... Read More
2014 Travel Trends Twitter Chat This Wednesday, Jan. 8th
It’s a new year and T+L is already scoping out the most popular travel trends of 2014. From the hottest destinations to the latest in tech travel and hote... Read More
Sharks in Australia Are Now Showing Up On Twitter
Sharks in Western Australia will now be making their way from the sea to your social news feed. Over 300 great whites, whaler sharks, and tiger sharks have ... Read More
Instagram Releases The Most Photographed Places Around the World
Instagram has released their latest list of the most-Instagrammed locations for 2013. In our October issue, we mentioned the top nine around the world, wi... Read More
Kobe vs. Messi Make a Hilarious Comeback in Turkish Airlines' Latest Video
Turkish Airlines loves taking the stage for viral videos. Last year, its commercial featuring Kobe Bryant trying to outdo Barcelona soccer player Lionel M... Read More
Merry Christmas from America's Sweetest Hotels for the Holidays
Aside from more affectionate holiday themes like peace and joy, Christmas to me means one thing: sweets. Whether it’s fresh-baked fruitcake, intricately i... Read More
Business Travel Tips from T+L
Business travel may be more hectic than your average getaway, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be every bit as enjoyable. T+L gathered all of our top tips o... Read More
Hemingway Bar Takes to the Skies With the Ritz Paris and Air France
Guests of the Hotel Ritz Paris are still waiting to enjoy a drink at the renovated Hemingway Bar—a two-year plus makeover is scheduled to last until the e... Read More