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Can We Stop for a Snack Now? Melbourne Offers “Remote Control Tourists”
Google Maps gives travelers a birds-eye or street view of a location—but now, one tourist board Down Under is offering a live, hipster's-eye view of its c... Read More
At Least It’s Not SpongeBob: Buddhist Fresco Restored in Cartoon-ish Style
It’s sad when an ancient painting or fresco becomes almost unrecognizable due to vandalism or just time. But it may be even worse when it gets fixed so ba... Read More
Salem Witches Curse Shutdown
While international tourists are shaking their collective fists at the closed gates of National Parks, another faction within the travel industry is grapp... Read More
Release the Kraken? Ginormous Squid Washes Up on Spanish Beach
They are the stuff of Norse and Greek legends, but now Spain has its own claim on the mythology of sea monsters. Last week, a giant squid washed up on La... Read More
Not Just for St. Pauli Girls Anymore: Dirndls All the Rage at Oktoberfests
If you’re going to an Oktoberfest this year, you might suddenly think the place is overrun with waitresses—those women wearing traditional dirndl outfits ... Read More
JFK Anniversary: Welcome to ConspiracyCon?
Will “The 50th”—as organizers call Dallas’ upcoming observance of the JFK assassination, 50 years ago this November—be a somber remembrance of a dark day ... Read More
Kung Fu Coasters? Jackie Chan to Open Theme Park
China may already have an Angry Birds amusement park, but the nation is about to seriously up its theme park street cred. According to a recent Guardian ... Read More
Joint Venture: Jamaican Farms Entice Visitors with Special “Ganja Tours"
Wine lovers have Napa Valley. Beer snobs have Oregon. And now, potheads may have their own vacation paradise: wandering the lush grounds that perhaps insp... Read More
Bollywood Backlash: Air India’s TV Screen Calls Passenger an Idiot
You might not be fazed anymore by grouchy airline workers, or a surly passenger in the seat next to you. But when your in-flight system starts giving you ... Read More
Before De-Planing, Check For Your Phone, Passport and Falcon
In the rush and jumble of getting off a plane that’s just landed, it’s not surprising if you absentmindedly leave your magazine tucked in the seat pouch, ... Read More
Gasp! Airline Scams Passengers at 37,000 Feet
Ryanair called one of their sales tactics "Keep the Change!" but a better name might be the Schweppes Shakedown ... or Just Take Their Money Then Avoid Ey... Read More
"Subversive Adult Disneyland” Turns Up the Heat in Tasmania
Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art has won raves—from this magazine, for instance—for its unique, fortress-like architecture. Perhaps even more striking, ... Read More
This Summer's Hot UK Souvenir: Royal Baby Swag
Last summer, some of the most omnipresent souvenirs found around London featured the faces of Wenlock and Mandeville, the much-maligned, one-eyed mascots ... Read More
Hang 10th Street? Dude, Check Out the Crazy River Surfers
Here's something you don't think about packing for a trip to Munich: Your wetsuit. But according to recent reports from CNN and the BBC, the German capit... Read More
United Opens First Class Lounge (for Dogs) at O’Hare
Check in with your dog at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and your pooch will get first-class treatment: a personalized doggie biscuit (name emblazoned in icing)... Read More
Hey, Kids—Lets Go to Moe’s Tavern This Summer!
Coming soon to Universal Orlando: long lines of middle-aged guys waiting to get their pictures taken with Krusty the Clown and Sideshow Bob. The Orlando ... Read More
New Grounds for Diverting a Plane: Unsolicited Karaoke
In many instances, airlines seem to assume that passengers have a pretty high threshold for discomfort and inconvenience. Yes, they seem to think, you can... Read More
Sorry, Wrong Number: British Tourist's Stolen Phone Racks Up Five-Figure Bill
You assume, if your credit card gets stolen when you're on vacation, that the bandit will make a beeline for a local electronic store. And if your phone g... Read More
Legoland's Disco Elevator Takes You Higher
Unless you’re allergic to primary colors—or LEGOS, of course—the biggest problem with the new Legoland Hotel in Carlsbad, California, may be that it’s not... Read More
Nothing Inspires Passenger Confidence Like Silly Costumes
Spring Airlines, based in China, probably thought they had a fun promotion on their hands: Dress the flight attendants in themed costumes to liven up the ... Read More