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Cool Hotel Amenity: A Set of Wheels
By Jim Shi
Included in your room rate at these hotels? The chance to borrow a cool set of wheels. Lake Placid Lodge, New York: Lexus RX 450h Little Nell, Aspen: Au... Read More
Korean Air’s New In-Flight Duty-Free Shops
By Jim Shi
Good news for shopaholics: Korean Air has scrapped 13 seats on each of its new Airbus A380’s to install in-flight duty-free stores—the first of their kind... Read More
New Exhibit Features Pics of a 1968 Jackie-O in Capri
By Jim Shi
Diego Della Valle’s enamorment with all things JFK (he famously purchased the late president’s cruiser, Marlin, at auction at Christie’s in 2005) extends ... Read More